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Parent Disagrees to Drug Testing Plans of School District

After reports of alleged drug use at Warrenton High School, the discipline committee of the Warren County R-III School District is still at odds on whether random drug testing should be implemented in the area. But for parent Jill Beedy, drug testing should not be done in schools. It should be something done by the police and not by the school district.

drug free zoneWhile there were some parents who favored the policy during last November’s school community meeting, Breedy is strongly against it. The concerned parent said that what she saw during the presentation was not focused on keeping kids away from drugs, but instead was scaring the students. “We’re talking about striking fear into our students and we shouldn’t be doing that,” she said.

School District Superintendent Dr. Tom Muzzey admits there is still much to be discussed before the board comes out with a decision on drug testing matters. While he acknowledges Breedy’s effort to voice out the concerns of parents on the issue, he has a different perception when it comes to the school district’s role in implementing random drug testing. “I think the district has the responsibility to make sure the practices and policies are reflective of community norms and values,” Muzzey stated.

A question raised by Breezy pertains to how the board can ensure that the testing will be done randomly, if implementation is approved. “How exactly does the school district pick who gets tested? How is the R-III district not held liable for who they choose to test?”

Muzzey answers that the board will be acquiring the services of a private firm to keep the process at random or they could opt to use a software program for the procedure.

The superintendent also assured the community that they are open to the opinions of parents and the community as a whole with regards to the implementation of the random drug testing before everything will be finalized.

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