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Wyoming Holds Public Forum on Adolescent Drinking

As a means to address the growing problem of teenage drinking, the Wyoming Youth Services Bureau is encouraging the public to participate in the public forum to be held on October 10 at the Wyoming Middle School Fay Auditorium in 17 Wyoming Avenue.

teen drinkingThe Wyoming Youth Services Bureau is working hand-in-hand with the Wyoming Police Department, the Wyoming City Schools, and the Wyoming Parent School Association to continue their advocacy against teenage drinking.

In 2010, a teen died in the city due to drunk driving, and at least 30 minors are being charged for underage drinking after two parties held in the current year.

Kimberly Hauser, executive director of the Wyoming Youth Services Bureau says that city residents should take part in efforts that help keep kids from alcohol abuse which leads to fatal accidents and serious offenses against the law.

“We hope to create a lasting solution so that any child who grows up in Wyoming will have safe and alcohol-free social and recreational opportunities, supported by parents, schools, the city and all residents.”

The public forum aims to solicit suggestions and ideas as to how the city can better educate both parents and students about teen drinking, develop activities that will help focus kids on worthwhile activities, and how to help city officials in strictly implementing the law against adolescent drinking. Prescription drug abuse will also be one of the highlights of the discussions.

Police Chief Gary Badauf is calling upon the whole community to do their share in keeping kids safe. “This seminar is an opportunity for parents, school officials, police officers and others to come and be a part of the ongoing discussion about underage drinking issues,” he said, “and educating teens and parents about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse as well as the consequences, legal or otherwise.”

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Harmful Effects of Binge Drinking

There are many physical and psychological risks of binge drinking. Other than throwing up or getting hangovers, greater risks like memory lapses and mood changes can be gained when drinking too much. Here are more ill effects that are brought about by binge drinking.

binge drinking1. It has been proven that people who are into binge drinking could gain weight and increase their chances of high blood pressure, by the time they reach the early age of 24. Imagine a can of beer having 150 calories, and casually consuming four or five cans a night! That’s a lot of calories!

2. Binge drinking can cause mental health disturbances especially in school. When somebody gets drunk, he loses quality time for sleeping which makes them hardly awake during classes. This can easily lead to poor academic performance.

3. The most dangerous effect of binge drinking may be that of alcohol poisoning. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include difficulty in breathing and gag reflex which could lead to death. Seizures, low body temperature, skin turning pale or bluish, inability to be awakened, and extreme confusion are also signs of alcohol poisoning.

When you think you or someone you know is under this bad habit, there is nothing wrong in seeking help especially from people in campus. Counseling services are readily available in campus for students who have alcohol problems. Support groups are also willing to help students who want to get rid of their dangerous habit.

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