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Study Finds Connection Between Steroid Use and Mental Health Problems

Anabolic steroid is widely used by teenagers and professional athletes to beef up their muscles and enhance physical strength. However, a new Swedish study concluded that such performance-enhancing drug can have certain effect in the user’s mental health later in life.

steroid abuseResearchers from the University of Gothenberg studied a group of former Swedish athletes to look for links between anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) use and mental problems. Of the nearly 700 wrestlers, weightlifters, powerlifters and throwers who competed at the elite level sometime between 1960 and 1979, 20 percent admitted using steroids during their active careers.

The researchers found that athletes who have used steroids were more likely to have been treated for depression, concentration problems, and aggressive behaviour. AAS users were also  considered high-risk users other banned substances.

“What we were able to show, though, is that psychiatric symptoms and use of steroids and other drugs tend to reinforce each other in a vicious cycle,” Claudia Fahlke, director at CERA, said in a news release. “This suggests that the anti-doping efforts remain very important, both in and outside of sports.”

The study was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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Is Justin Bieber Abusing Steroids?

Justin Bieber first caught media attention back in 2008 as this cute, very talented singing sensation that could easily sweep many girls off their feet. His voice and smooth moves earned him fame and fortune any teenager could only envy. But attached to such popularity is the need to maintain the adorable looks that many fans have come to love him.

is justin beiber using steroidsBarely 20, Bieber now sports wider chest, remarkable shoulders, toned biceps, and great abs. Somehow, observers can’t help but wonder if he’s into steroids use, especially considering the erratic and more aggressive behaviors he has been displaying lately.

According to Celebrity Health & Fitness, Bieber has been inspired by the gains Taylor Lautner made to bulk up for his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the “Twilight” movie saga. In fact, so inspired that he sought Lautner’s trainer to help him achieve similar gains.

Even though Beiber maintained religiously “working out in the gym” and despite the lack of admission that he was into steroids, his Instagram photos and recent display of aggressions have become media fancy.

It can be remembered that Beiber was kicked out of a nightclub on his 19th birthday; kept his fans in London waiting for nearly two hours before he appeared on stage; collapsed on stage at another London show; fought with photographers and cancelled a show in Portugal. Most recently, he allegedly screamed at and spit on his neighbor when he was confronted for reckless driving, the article notes.

Steroids use is nothing new in the entertainment industry, as much as it is widely used in professional sports. After all, music and movie celebrities are always expected to look good for their fans.

In addition to enhancing muscles, steroids are known to cause aggressive acts, mood disturbances, and poor decision-making. Other symptoms of steroid abuse include depression, muscle cramps, aching joints, and insomnia. It could also increase one’s risk to cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and certain cancer.

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How Counseling Programs Help Steroid Abusers

steroid abuse counselingCounseling is an important part of addiction recovery. Its goal is to touch base on the psychological aspect of the patient. There are several different types of counseling offered by drug rehabilitation facilities, and it is crucial to choose the one that’s perfectly suited to the drug addict in order to get the most out of every counseling session.

When a steroid user enters a drug rehab, s/he is first assessed by the facility administrator or a counselor through a one-on-one interview to determine the type of addiction treatment needed. Counseling is typically given after detox, as a way of helping the patient avoid relapse. Some of the primary benefits of counseling programs for steroid users include:

Providing a Place to Express Him/Herself. Through counseling therapy, the steroid user is able to find a place where s/he can honestly voice out her/his thoughts without the fear of being unfairly judged. While the participant will usually find the first session somewhat uncomfortable and intimidating, a well-trained counselor will be able to help and encourage the steroid user to talk about the driving force behind steroid addiction.

Providing a Place for Support. One of the reasons why people abuse drugs, like steroids, is due to the feeling of being isolated or alienated. In group counseling, however, steroid users would feel a sense of belongingness, which is crucial in making them feel that they can be happy and live their life without using steroids or any illegal drugs.

Providing Education and Practical Training. Among the highlights of counseling programs is educating the participants about the dangers and the effects of anabolic steroids, and providing them training that will enable them to develop new skills. They are taught new habits and new ways to deal with drug users that they might encounter outside the facility. Such efforts will be very helpful to the steroid use of protecting him/herself with the temptation of relapse.

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Verdict In for Barry Bonds: Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

Yes, the judicial system has finally bestowed a ruling upon one of baseball’s most controversial players, Barry Bonds. On Wednesday, the jury convicted Bonds for obstruction of justice when he swore he did not know performance-enhancing drugs were introduced into his system at the time when he was at his career’s peak.

Barry BondsBonds’ records in baseball has put him as the league’s all-time home-run leader; hitting 762 home runs in the course of his 22-year career in the game with a whopping 73 in 2001. While some may be in awe of what he accomplished, it somehow put others in doubt resulting to a validation of what he has achieved ultimately leading him into court.

The obstruction of justice was the strongest case against him, among the other charges filed such as the three counts of perjury. According to a feature on Yahoo Sports, the jury decided he intentionally misled people when he said his trainer never injected him with any performance-enhancing drugs (saying that the only person to inject him with anything is his doctor) and tried to convince them that he is a victim of some scientific experiments. He added that the ambitious people who held his career at that time were the ones to be blamed for what he has been through.

The verdict on Bonds brings us to the question of what this development can do for both the league and the government agencies involved. Eight years ago, Bonds testified he never used any drug to help him beat out competition, at least not on his knowledge. Today, he is convicted, yet we get the same stories over and over again.

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Santana Moss and His Connection with Dr. Anthony Galea

The fact that Santana Moss was dragged into the controversy surrounding Dr. Anthony Galea has some people wondering: did the Washington Redskins wide receiver get human growth hormone from the Toronto sports doctor or not?

He is, after all, not the only sports star whose name is being dragged into this affair. Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have all been treated by Dr. Galea. “Treated with what?” is a question that remains to be answered.

Santana MossAccording to a report on the New York Daily News, Dr. Galea was on his way to Washington in order to treat Moss when his assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was nabbed at the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo. Galea is now being accused of unlawful distribution of HGH and smuggling, among other criminal charges. If convicted, Dr. Galea may have up to 20 years in an American prison.

HGH is banned by the NFL, although it does not test for it. There is speculation that Moss may face disciplinary action for using banned substances due to the issue, but a feature on shares that Coach Mike Shanahan is said to be confident that Moss will not be disciplined.

Fellow Washington Redskins athlete Phillip Daniels said that Moss shared that he was undergoing treatments under Dr. Galea’s care, and the treatments were described as routine and did not have anything to do with banned substances.

Coach Shanahan said: “I sat down and talked to Santana today and went through a bunch of situations that have happened to him, and I feel really good about where he’s at. I feel real good that he’ll be, I don’t know if ‘vindicated’ is the word, but when people find out all the facts, everything will be OK.”

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Steroids: Why It’s Just Not Worth It

Steroid use is a rampant threat that hovers above the head of many athletes nowadays. Known to elicit fast results, steroids have been used by athletes to enhance performance, improve body physique, and boost recovery. Sure, it does sound very enticing. Who wouldn’t want an easy way to a better you or me, right?

steroidsThe truth about what steroids use does for you is this: it speeds up your own body in a pace where you can’t keep up. Eventually your body gives in, showing side effects that aren’t really worth it. Steroids only enhance physical performance in a short-term. Shooting up will give you up to a few years of great physical performance, but it will eventually leave you with complications that are very costly, ranging from a depressed immune system to a failed liver or kidney.

Being an athlete means you always will yourself to train harder, move faster and be better at what you do. You can’t really escape the fact that most of the athletes out there try their very hardest to do more than what they can already do. Baseball players want to get more home runs, track runners want a faster finish; all of the athletes want to be better and that’s pretty normal. What’s not normal is when they use performance-enhancing drugs to improve athletic performance, at the expense of their body. They shoot up; putting their careers, credibility and honor as athletes on the line for a quick remedy – that’s definitely not normal or even wise.

Taking steroids is taking the easy way, and sometimes, the more costly way to the finish line. It is important to remember that the reason great athletes are the way they are is because of good old-fashioned hard-work and discipline, and not because of any needle or pill.

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