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How to Keep Sober After Rehab

The real test on staying sober begins once the patient leaves the rehabilitation center. Here are some tips for teens and young adults as they go into the real world after drug abuse treatment.

drug abuse recovery1. Keep healthy habits. Taking care of one’s self is one of the best ways to control cravings. Having a healthy diet, getting enough rest each day and being with friends who encourage you to stay healthy could make a big difference on how your life will turn out.

2. Always remind yourself of what you have learned. A relapse prevention plan always comes in handy when you want to stay clean and reach full recovery. Practice the steps that will help you deal with situations that can trigger a relapse. Following your plan religiously will one day lead you to become the healthy person you want to be.

3. Keep yourself busy. It’s best to find a safe new hobby or join activities that promote healthy living so that you won’t slip to boredom or loneliness. You can even find a job that will make you feel good about yourself again. Never hang out with the same people that led you to drugs or alcohol before.

4. Talk to your parents or school adviser especially in making decisions once you are out of the treatment facility. Express your feelings and let them know about any discomforts you might experience at anytime. You can enlist their help if you want to stay away from the same group that drove you to your addiction. They can also give you sound advices on how to stay sober at all times.

5. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself when you succumb to relapse, seek the guidance and assistance of the experts and discuss what happened and what triggered the act to prevent it from happening again.

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