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Keeping Kids Drug-Free in School

We will soon bid the summer farewell and kids will be going back to school. There will be more than 20 million American teenagers who will be facing another academic year with new hopes and expectations from their parents and school authorities. Unfortunately, school is also where kids face peer pressure to try on alcohol and drugs.

parent teen talkParents may take for granted such problems or they easily resign that they can’t do anything about these issues, but they have the greatest power to keep their kids safe. As guardians, parents should enforce clear measures to protect teens and should work with the schools to help students stay away from the pressure and challenges of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Before kids go back to school, parents should equip them with the proper information on the dangerous effects of alcohol and drugs in the body. Communication should always be open especially at home. No matter how busy parents and children may be throughout the day, it is important to spend quality time together.

Set up clear rules and regulations regarding alcohol and drugs issues. Parents should not allow kids to get away with experimenting on these substances and should be consistent in handling every case with corresponding penalties. This way, kids will know that the family is serious about these dangerous habits.

When in a discussion with kids, there are many resources which parents can site to keep the discussion going. Anti-drug campaigns on TV, news reports, and even previous school discussions are all useful tools to discourage kids from getting into compromising situations. When they do ask questions, parents should answer their kids as honestly and as factual as they could get. After all, their child’s welfare is at stake, and starting in the wrong way will never be of any help.

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How Drug Abuse Affects Your Studies

Drug abuse has become one of the major challenges in schools these days. Some young students are being influenced by their peers to try drugs. Since their parents are not in school to check on them, more and more students give it a go.

drugs in schoolDrug abuse can have a great effect to a student’s performance academically. Drugs make a great impact on one’s brain functioning. This affects the ability to make sound judgment and decisions. Instead of making school projects, meeting course requirements and studying for an exam, one may go do other things that he deems more important, like getting more drugs, partying or catching up on sleep due to several late nights of drug use.

Inside the class, drug abusers may find it difficult to concentrate and pay attention. Others may suffer from severe headaches. They may also struggle with memory loss and may have difficulty coping with new lessons. This is because drug abuse can lead to brain cell degeneration.

Proper guidance from parents and school officials are very important to put a stop on drug abuse among youth. Several schools have included drug testing in their school policies and different groups have organized awareness seminars to help kids better understand the risks of drug abuse. Parents should also check their children from time to time to see how they are doing.

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Ashland High School Forms Panel to Address Teen Drug Use

Ashland High School in Oregon recognized that there is an ongoing drug and alcohol problem among students in the school, including athletes. Concerned parents and school administrators have come together and formed a panel that will attempt to address this issue, according to a feature on the Mail Tribune.

teen drug abuseSuperintendent Juli Di Chiro shared: “There’s a drug and alcohol problem in Ashland among our students and the athletes are no different. This is something that we continue to not be successful in making those percentages go down. It’s a real dilemma.” Drug and alcohol use before games by athletes increases their risk for injuries, according to Di Chiro.

The committee is scheduled to meet on Thursdays at 4 in the afternoon, at the new gym auxiliary classroom of Ashland High School; all the meetings are open to the public. They have been tasked to come up with steps that the school can take to discourage the use of alcohol and drugs. Some parents are pushing for the implementation of a new drug and alcohol policy by fall of this year.

At this time, student athletes are asked to sign a form that says that they will not use drugs or alcohol during the season, but Superintendent Di Chiro said that some of these athletes do not take the contract seriously because they think that they will not get caught. Football coach Charlie Hall had asked that the School Board allow him to perform voluntary and random drug tests on a weekly basis. The board, however, voted to table the request 5-0.

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Random Drug Tests in Schools: Good and Bad Side

Drug testing in schools have always been a controversial issue. Although many have claimed that these measures have drastically lowered the rate of drug users among students, there are also groups that claim the process does more harm than good.

Is it effective?

Teenagers are much more aware now on how to cheat on drug tests. Several resources, printed or online, offer information on how drug tests are conducted and where cheating can be done. When these drug tests fail, they produce a false sense of security to the school and also to the parents.

drug testWhat do Parents Think?

Parents are divided in the issue of random drug testing in school. Some of them would agree that these random drug tests are effective in lessening the occurrences of drug abuse in school. Other parents would argue that there would be no substantial evidence to support these claims. Some parents also say that forcing a child to undergo a random drug test is a form of a threat.

How can it be helpful?

Random drug testing is a great tool for detection of drug abuse among students. These drug tests instill either a sense of responsibility or a sense of fear of getting caught in the student that may cause him or her to avoid from drug use.

How can it be harmful?

Although it is a great way to detect drug abusers, it is not a method of eliminating the issue of drug use. It is still the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children are away from drugs. Having false results, such as ones caused by tampering or adulteration, may only give parents a wrong basis for discipline as they now think that their children are drug-free. When conducting drug tests, it is of utmost importance that every step is monitored to avoid adulteration or that the method used is tamper-free, such as hair drug tests.

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