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‘House Party’ Educates Teens on Underage Drinking

A teen ‘house party’ sponsored by the Muskogee Community Anti-Drug Network and Muskogee Parks and Recreation together with the MHS OKY2Y group became an eye-opener for students on the dangers of underage drinking.

house party drinkingThe ‘house party’ is a part of a reality tour which is dedicated to help teens overcome peer pressure on using drugs and alcohol. In the event, apple juice served in beer bottles and 7UP in vodka bottles were given to the participants.

Throughout the day, teen participants drank, had fun and experienced how police deal with minor drinkers, and showed how drinking can cause premature death of teens when one of the participants overdosed on alcohol.

All these were done by the students and the organizers themselves to send out a strong message that ‘house parties’ where free flowing booze is made available can lead to serious consequences.

A lot of teens in Muskogee say that they often get invitations for such events. Some of them say that the activity is an important tool that will help them make the right decisions, while some don’t agree that all house parties are held the same way the tour depicts it.

Muskogee Police Public Relations Officer Pedro Zardeneta joined in the worthwhile event. He hopes that the reality tour will be enough to warn both parents and children about the things that could possible happen in house parties. For the longest time that he has been a police officer, he said his team has already conducted numerous police busts on house parties.

The tour also tackled how alcoholic drinks can be easily concealed by putting them in soft drinks bottles and whipped cream cans.

Sheril Morgan who is a MHS prevention specialist emphasized that parents should be aware of how these house parties go. “They think they’re keeping kids safe when alcohol is provided. In all honesty, it’s better not to have alcohol at all,” Morgan said.

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Serious Consequences of Teen Alcohol Abuse

As a result of teens’ lack of experience, they are faced with a lot of issues linked to alcohol use. It is important for parents to identify these teen issues and plan out measures that the whole family should take to prevent serious consequences.

teen drinking1. Most adults who are into alcohol addiction started their alcohol encounters during their adolescent years. According to earlier reports, each year that a teen holds back on drinking, he lessens his chances of dependence in his adult life by 14%. This is why teens and their parents should work together to delay introduction of alcohol into a teen’s system.

2. Academic performance usually takes a toll whenever a teen drinks regularly. Previous studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that kids who do not drink have much better scholastic achievements compared to those who use alcohol. Teens who drink will have poor grades and this translates to lower chances of getting into a good school. Not enough education could lead to unemployment which leads to troubled economic conditions later on in life.

3. One of the most serious consequences of teen alcohol abuse is teenage pregnancy and the proliferation of sexually-transmitted diseases among the teen population. When teens get intoxicated, their behaviors are affected and their sexual urges become uncontrollable.

4. Depressed teenagers could become more susceptible to their suicidal tendencies when they drink. There are some instances that teens who suffer from depression and those affected by anxiety turn to alcohol as a quick solution to their problems. Each year, the CDC attributes at least 300 cases of suicide to alcohol use.

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