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Improved Quality of Life as Long-Term Effect of Quitting Smoking

A new study shows that smokers who quit can have an improved quality of life. Researchers have found out that factors affecting the quality of life improve when a smoker decides to quit his nicotine habit.

smokingThe study involved 1,504 smokers who quit. After three years of monitoring, the researchers were able to compare their quality of life to those who did not quit, and it was no surprise finding some significant differences from the two groups.

The most significant result that came out from the study was that people who quit smoking displayed a relatively lower decrease in their quality of life during the first and third years of the duration of the study. Those who kept smoking, on the other hand, had greater drops in their quality of life throughout the given time frame. Non-smokers in the third year of the study complained of less complications and problems brought about by their previous nicotine encounters, while smokers reported more stressful situations.

As to marital support with regards to tobacco issues, both groups got the same amount of support from their spouses on the first year, but support increased for the non-smoking side on the third year.

The results of the study will hopefully shed some light on the belief that smokers who quit still experience deterioration in the quality of life despite quitting. If smokers who quit remain quit for years, they will see improvements in their overall health condition.

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