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Propofol: Highlight in Manslaughter Trial of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

After hectic days of rehearsals in preparation for his marathon 50-night comeback tour, Michael Jackson turned to propofol to help him get much needed sleep. On June 25, 2009, he has his last dose.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray

The real reason why Michael Jackson died is still the center of discussions at the Superior Court in Los Angeles. His personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, who managed his medications, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

The prosecution has questioned how Dr. Murray could administer a powerful drug such as propofol to the singer without stand-by lifesaving equipment. To make things worse, he left his patient in the room. When he returned, he found Jackson not breathing.

His defense team argues that the singer could have used the time when the doctor left to take more propofol as he was determined to go to sleep.

Dr. Gil Tepper from the Miracle Mile Medical Center in Los Angeles says propofol is used for short medical procedures such as colonoscopy or cataract surgery, but it certainly isn’t used to put patients, who are not scheduled for surgery, to sleep.

He added that if a doctor should use propofol on his patient, he would have to have have heart and blood oxygenation monitors as well as surgical equipment to do intubation in case the patient would stop breathing. Unfortunately, witnesses have claimed that no such equipment were with Dr. Murray at that time.

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