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Motley Crue’s Frontman Arrested on DUI Charges

Another mug shot has no doubt been added to the Hollywood collection of such photos. Vince Neil, former frontman for the rock band Motley Crue, was arrested in Las Vegas on Monday on suspicion of DUI, according to various reports. Neil is no stranger to being arrested; in 1984, he pleaded guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter. That incident had led to the death of musician Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley.

Motley CrueAccording to a report on TMZ, the Las Vegas police had been looking for Neil before his arrest. A woman reported that the rocker grabbed her camera and ruined it after she tried to take his picture. Perhaps it isn’t a good idea in the first place to suddenly take pictures of people, even if they were celebrities, without their expressed consent.

At any rate, TMZ revealed that the police went out to look for Neil to question him about the woman’s report, based on information from sources. An update about a couple of hours after their first report shared that police also received a call about a drunken driver.

Vince Neil was eventually found by police officers driving near Las Vegas Blvd. He was pulled over; police reportedly gave him a field sobriety test after detecting alcohol and was arrested for DUI. The 49-year old rocker was then taken to the Clark County Jail, where he was booked. Bail was set at $2,000.

A report on the New York Daily News shared that Neil had gone into several businesses after splitting from the band in 1992, including a restaurant (Dr. Feelgood’s Bar and Grill) and a luxury air charter service (Vince Neil Aviation).

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