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Defense Says King of Pop Designed His Own Death

On Monday, the defense team for the Jackson case started their argument by saying that the King of Pop created scenarios that led to his own death, taking intravenous drugs to cure his insomnia despite stiff warnings from his doctors.

Cherilyn LeeThe defense team presented testimonies from a doctor and a nurse practitioner, and a number of witnesses all claiming that the singer demanded the drug that eventually killed him. They say Michael has been sick for the last 15 years, and that during the last few months of his life, he asked for intravenous medication to be administered to him, in his case, an anesthetic known as propofol.

Jackson’s friend and doctor Allan Metzger was called into the witness stand. He was with Michael for the last two years of his life, and told the court that he constantly reminded and warned the singer of the dangers of the anesthetic, and that he never administered the drug to him as sleeping aide.

Dr. Metzger further explained that in 2009, the pop star asked about intravenous sleep medications and mentioned a drug, which the star later on referred to as “juice.” He prescribed oral medication but Jackson did not believe any of them would work.

The nurse practitioner, Cherilyn Lee, admitted that she treated Jackson with vitamin infusions that made him feel better. To show his gratitude, Jackson invited her to London with him to join him in his concert tour. When his sleeping problems came back, Lee advised the pop star to undergo sleep study, and in mid-2009, before he was put under Murray’s care, Michael asked her to watch him sleep.

The singer was able to sleep, but after five hours he awoke and was upset.

“He said, ‘You see, I can’t stay asleep,'” she said.

The defense will continue their case to prove that Dr. Conrad Murray did not cause the singer’s death by giving him a lethal dose of propofol, despite allegations that he violated ethical guidelines of his profession in exchange for money.

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Propofol: Highlight in Manslaughter Trial of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

After hectic days of rehearsals in preparation for his marathon 50-night comeback tour, Michael Jackson turned to propofol to help him get much needed sleep. On June 25, 2009, he has his last dose.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray

The real reason why Michael Jackson died is still the center of discussions at the Superior Court in Los Angeles. His personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, who managed his medications, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

The prosecution has questioned how Dr. Murray could administer a powerful drug such as propofol to the singer without stand-by lifesaving equipment. To make things worse, he left his patient in the room. When he returned, he found Jackson not breathing.

His defense team argues that the singer could have used the time when the doctor left to take more propofol as he was determined to go to sleep.

Dr. Gil Tepper from the Miracle Mile Medical Center in Los Angeles says propofol is used for short medical procedures such as colonoscopy or cataract surgery, but it certainly isn’t used to put patients, who are not scheduled for surgery, to sleep.

He added that if a doctor should use propofol on his patient, he would have to have have heart and blood oxygenation monitors as well as surgical equipment to do intubation in case the patient would stop breathing. Unfortunately, witnesses have claimed that no such equipment were with Dr. Murray at that time.

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Dr. Conrad Murray Claims Michael Jackson Begged for Drugs

Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been accused of involuntary manslaughter for the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson, said he was pressured by Jackson to administer drugs to help him sleep. Jackson allegedly “begged” him for Propofol, according to a post in The Hollywood Gossip.

Michael Jackson Conrad MurrayDr. Murray was said to be giving Jackson regular doses of Propofol every night for months, but was trying to ween him off the powerful, hospital-grade anesthesia. The night before Jackson died, he had trouble sleeping and said he would cancel rehearsal if he didn’t get to sleep. Dr. Murray gave in and administered a reduced dose of Propofol after giving him a variety of other drugs after 1 AM without results.

Defense attorneys seem to be taking the path of showing that it was Jackson who caused his own death. Dr. Christopher Rogers, chief of forensic medicine for the Los Angeles County Coroner, however, testified that even if Jackson self-administered the drug that killed him, giving him a powerful anesthetic without proper precautions would still mean homicide for his physician. Dr. Rogers said, “The fact that there was propofol there in the first place — in other words, this is not a usual setting to administer propofol — and if there was propofol there, it was there to be administered to Mr. Jackson and so the doctor should be prepared for adverse effects.”

Tim Lopez, owner of Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, said that Dr. Murray, who said he had a clinic in the Los Angeles area, ordered 255 vials of Propofol between April 6 and June 10. Jackson died on June 25.

Dr. Murray could lose his medical license and face up to 4 years in jail if convicted.

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