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Drug Testing Plan Presented to Maryville Parents

A public meeting was held last week at Maryville High School where R-II administrators presented a draft plan for a random drug testing program to be implemented next year depending on the School Board’s approval this spring.

Parents, educators, and students attended the event. District Superintendent Larry Linthacum said that they are continuously working with the school community to solicit inputs for the proposed plan of random drug testing among students in the area. In fact, Linthacum added that the proposal has been posted at the R-II website to gather more opinions on the said policy.

drug free school zoneThe content of the proposal includes the random drug testing process and the accompanying four-tier system of sanctions for students who test positive for drugs such as loss of parking privileges, disqualification from athletic events and other school activities, and permanent suspensions.

Maryville High School Principal Jason Eggers stressed that the main goal of the proposed program is to deter students from using drugs and other illicit substances.

Maryville Treatment Center representative Liz Rosbohm said that being a parent and at the same time a counselor for the treatment facility, she believes that R-II is doing its part in keeping kids away from drug abuse.

“I have had (MTC inmates) say to me, ‘If I had had something in my school to deter me, I wouldn’t be here right now,'” Rosbohm said.

If the plan is approved as it is, Maryville High School and Maryville Middle School students who wish to participate in athletic competitions will form part of the pool of students that will be subjected to random drug testing procedures.

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