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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Goes Back to Rehab for Heroin Addiction

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is once again admitted to a rehab facility. This time it’s at her own will.

Jenelle-EvansA source told Radaronline that the 21-year-old MTV star volunteered to seek treatment for her heroine addiction, as well as “related stresses stemming from her tumultuous last few months.”

“Everyone has been worried about Jenelle doing heroin, even though she was denying that for a long time,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time the reality TV star has been treated for drug abuse problem. In November 2012, Jenelle involuntarily committed to a rehab center for 72 hours. According to the source, she now wants to get clean not only for herself but also for her son.

“Jenelle has been through the wringer lately,” the source said. “She got married to a guy that she now thinks is a disaster, got pregnant, had a miscarriage and is basically falling apart.”

Meanwhile, Jenelle’s on-again boyfriend Gary Head defended her on Twitter regard her substance abuse issues. “Jenelle is NOT ON DRUGS. She got sent for emotional support because this season was so intense.” he tweeted on Feb. 25. “MTV Does not want her to see this season and then relapse BC of all the stress but I will say that Jenelle does not do drugs. I won’t allow that and he knows that if she ever goes back to drugs then she can have them. But she won’t have me.”

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Teen Mom Star Checks Into Rehab

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has just chosen the first step to straighten out her troubled life. Us Magazine reports that the reality teen star has finally agreed to check herself into rehab. She is said to be enrolled in one facility at Malibu.

Jenelle EvansRepresentatives of the teen mom say Evans has been in rehab for weeks, and that she has been sober until now. For all her anxieties and stresses in life, as well as for the legal woes she’s facing, the teen mom decided to go into rehab and hopefully iron things out.

The 19-year-old mom was previously involved in drug-related violations and in a misdemeanor charge. In October, she was arrested with then boyfriend Kieffer Delp for breaking into an abandoned home in Oakland, North Carolina and smoked pot. She pleaded guilty to the charge of illegal possession of drug paraphernalia where she got 24 hours of community service after prosecutors dropped the charge.

Her next court appearance will be on May 24 for the misdemeanor case served to her after a videotaped fight was released showing the teen mom beating another female victim in a public place.

Evans has granted custody of her son, 2-year-old Jace, to her mother before going into rehab. She started her stint on May 7, and one of her supporters is Dr. Drew Pinsky who has once guided Janelle in his reality show. Radaronline quotes Dr. Drew saying, “I am relieved that she is getting the care that she needs. This comes as a great relief to me.”

Lawyer Dustin Sullivan, who takes charge of Janelle’s legal battles, tells the press that the teen mom is giving it her best to straighten out her life. She is allegedly on a better mind set than she was a few weeks ago before she enrolled in the facility for treatment.

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Gets Probation for Drug Charges

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has entered into a plea bargain agreement for the numerous charges filed against her. Evans pleaded guilty to her drug paraphernalia possession charge which brought upon her 12 months of being under probation and 24 hours of community service within the next 60 days, as recorded by the Brunswick County Clerk of Court’s office. The teen reality star was also asked to pay court fees.

Jenelle EvansAccording to a feature on E! Online, Evans’ lawyer Dustin Sullivan says she will remain free from any criminal records or convictions for as long as she pays the court, do her community service, behave and abide by the law, and be consistent on her court dates for the next 12 months. Eventually, all charges will be dismissed if she is able to fulfill all her probationary obligations.

By agreeing to the plea bargain, Evans together with her boyfriend Keiffer Delp, will not be charged for a breaking and entering plus possession of marijuana case. It can be remembered that both teens were accused of breaking into an abandoned North Carolina house to smoke pot last October.

The teen mom though will again be appearing in court later this month to face an assault and simple affray charges after an encounter of Evans and her used-to-be best friend Brittany Truett was recorded and posted online. They appear to be fighting and hurting each other that bestowed the same charges on Truett and another friend.

This is not the first time that teens, like Evans, have been involved in such serious allegations. As teen drug and alcohol abuse situations continue to rise, we are clearly seeing the effects of these conditions. Let’s just hope that something good comes out for Jenelle after all her trials.

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