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DEA: Marijuana Has No Medical Use, Remains Illegal

Despite the growing number of medical marijuana advocates who have sworn to the drug’s medicinal benefits, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has ruled that marijuana has no medical or therapeutic use and thus will remain classified as a dangerous and illegal drug.

medical marijuanaAccording to a letter from DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart in response to the petition filed by medical marijuana advocacy groups, marijuana has not been proven effective for any medical use and treatment in the United States, and that the use of marijuana for medical purposes is not coupled with proper procedures to ensure safety and that it still has a high potential to be abused.

The decision came much to the disappointment of those who supported the re-classification of marijuana nine years ago when they sought to have the government look into the medical benefits of cannabis for treatment of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases.

Unfortunately, the Drug Enforcement Administration has responded negatively to the petition filed at the Court of Appeals from medical marijuana advocates for the drug to be considered legal for medicinal purposes.

In a report from the L.A. Times, DEA’s ruling will put marijuana in the line of heroin and MDMA which are all considered dangerous drugs. Under federal law, marijuana is among the Schedule I list of controlled substances.

Americans for Safe Access chief counsel Joe Elford says their group was not surprised with the latest ruling on the lawsuit they have filed years ago. He says the Obama administration would never allow for the legalization and commercial cultivation of marijuana. “It is clearly motivated by a political decision that is anti-marijuana,” he said.

There have been a number of states, including California, which has adopted the legalization of medical marijuana. It can be expected that another vote will be made on 2012, and supporters pushing for its legalization will continue their cause.

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Medical Marijuana Growers Face Trafficking Charges

Federal prosecutors said that the state of Montana has become a large-scale drug trafficking site, due mainly to its medical marijuana law implemented across the state, according to the report they released after raids were pursued when 18 months of investigation showed something just isn’t in place in these areas. Seizures also were carried out at three Montana financial institutions allegedly safekeeping $4 million worth of drug money.

medical marijuanaMarijuana is still considered illegal in some areas in the US, but there are already 15 states who have adopted legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. The present administration has said that they will not be filing cases against patients under cannabis therapy as well as the dispensaries and plantations that cater to them, provided that their respective states set up a clear set of by-laws regarding pot use for medication.

The recent raids are being questioned by medical marijuana supporters as they accuse the government of going after legal planters and distributors. Authorities are quick to claim that there are strong evidences to prove that large-scale drug trade is happening within these institutions and that criminals have infiltrated them abusing the legal status that has been granted by the state for their operation.

Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler defended the actions of authorities in Montana. She stated that they “are not going to look the other way while significant drug trafficking organizations try and shield their illegal efforts” by pretending they are dispensaries legally operating.

In Montana, only 6 plants are allowed to be grown for each patient. In the latest seizure operations, an astounding 1,700 plants were collected in just one facility. Although owners claim that they have around 300 patients in their area, police still plan to press charges as soon as the case is formed against the involved facilities.

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