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Teen Killed by Adult, Unlicensed Drunk Driver

Adults are supposed to be role models for the younger population. Yet, for 19-year-old Alonso Cirino Bautista, an adult, unlicensed drunk driver led him to his death.

drunk drivingJorge Orellana, 25, a resident Goat Hill Road, Lambertville, N.J., pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide at the Mercer County Court last week that put Alonso in his grave. On October 5 of last year, the vehicle he was driving crashed into a telephone pole; he was admittedly drunk while driving it. The result: one  dead, and five others critically injured.

They crashed on Route 29 near Sullivan Way. Inside his 2001 Pontiac were 3 adults, including him, and two teenagers, both 19 years old. After the crash, they all had to be extracted by firefighters from the wreckage, while back-seat passenger, Alonso, died in the grinding crash.

According to a feature on Bucks Local News, a plea offer from Assistant Prosecutor Skylar Weissman that was approved by the Mercer County Superior Court Judge Gerald Council resulted to five years imprisonment in the state prison for Orellana for the homicide charge and four more years each for the assault charge. Once released from prison, Orellana will be deported to his native country Ecuador.

When asked about the immigration consequence he’ll be having, Jorge did not anymore argue or contest the decision. He admitted that on the night of the accident, he had six beers before driving, which was why he lost control of the vehicle. He will be formally sent to prison on June 16 and will be paying Bautista’s family the sum of $5,000 for funeral expenses.

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Drunk Driving Takes Away Teen’s Life

A 17-year old teen in North Liberty died due to driving while intoxicated. Tyler Weigand was pronounced dead at the scene last April 16 when his vehicle crashed and flipped several times, throwing him out and eventually landing him in a field at St. Joseph County.

drunk drivingAfter the St. Joseph County Police Department performed an autopsy on Weigand’s body, results on his blood alcohol test showed he had more than twice than the legal limit set for driving while intoxicated. The legal limit in the state is set at 0.08; Tyler had a 0.16 concentration of alcohol in his blood when the fatal accident happened.

On the day of Tyler’s automobile crash, he was alone in his truck and was headed eastbound on Riley Road when he lost control at the intersection in Sycamore and then crashed, according to a report from the South Bend Tribune. Witnesses say the truck took the north side of the road and rolled several times.

The crash threw Weigand out of his vehicle (he was not wearing his seatbelt) to a field, where paramedics who arrived first on the scene declared Tyler dead.

Police would later find bottles and containers of alcoholic beverages at the truck’s passenger seat which hinted that the teen was drinking while driving. Authorities are still investigating the whole incident and family and friends of Tyler are awaiting the final report.

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Teen Leaders Plan for Safer Prom and Graduation Season

Whenever prom and graduation seasons arrive, sobriety and safety are the two most important factors that need to be addressed clearly. From Butler County High Schools, about 140 juniors and seniors met at the campus of The Miami University Middletown to discuss strategies and steps to persuade their peers against drunk driving as this would become the most dangerous situation that teens will be vulnerable to in the coming months.

drunk drivingStatistics show that many of the deaths involving teens in the months of April, May, and June occur due to alcohol-related traffic incidents. This is why the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council supported the 5th Annual Prom and Graduation Project Summit. In the event, small groups of students shared various means to get their message against drugs and alcohol across the teen population. In the past, their strategies did get most of the teen’s attention, but were not sustained when the season came.

“Everyone sees (such options) but forgets and still goes out on prom night and drinks,” said Sommer Streeval, a Talawanda senior. Some students say that strategies should have more impact on personal connections, like elementary kids writing letters to their upper level peers not to drink and drive.

Law enforcement agencies were also present during the summit. They talked with the students and gave some tips on how to go about with their plans. In a mock press conference, students were allowed to throw questions on the law enforcement members regarding the issues on hand. Middletown Police Chief Greg Schwarber said he liked the idea of campaigns on anti-drinking incorporated in Facebook pages.

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December is National 3D Prevention Month

December has been proclaimed as 3D Prevention Month, and it is not the kind of 3D that you have to go to a theater to experience. President Barack Obama issued a proclamation on December 1st, declaring the entire month as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Another term given to the observance is National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month.

drunk drivingA post on shared that an estimated 36 Americans die in the United States every day as a result of motor vehicle accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver. The observance of 3D Prevention Month will be a good avenue for communities and individual citizens to look into what can be done to reduce the occurrence of accidents that involve the use of alcohol and illegal substances by drivers. gave a few tips and reminders for everyone, especially during the holiday season. When attending gatherings, plan ahead and choose a designated driver. Should anyone become inebriated, take charge and do not allow that person to take the wheel.

In his proclamation, the President said in part: “As responsible citizens, we must not wait until tragedy strikes, and we must take an active role in preventing debilitated driving.  Individuals, families, businesses, community organizations, drug free coalitions, and faith based groups can promote substance abuse prevention and encourage alternative sources of transportation.  By working together, we can help save countless lives and make America’s roadways safer for all.”

The President also urged everyone to visit the U.S. Department of Transportation Website for distracted driving – – for more information regarding preventing distracted driving.

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Effects of Drinking on Your Driving

Alcohol is a dangerous substance when taken irresponsibly because it disrupts our concentration, coordination, observation, discipline and patience. Driving needs all of the skills mentioned and then some.

don't drink and driveThe legal limit of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is 0.08 for most states, which approximately means two drinks for a 120-pound person.

At 0.02 BAC, the body experiences a slight reduction in visual functions, a decline in their abilities to track a moving object and a drop in the ability to multi-task. These changes, however subtle, are very crucial in emergency situations especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle. It can cause a distortion in the driver’s reaction time and decision making.

At 0.05 BAC level, drinkers might experience exaggerated behaviour, loss of minute-muscle control such their eyes being not able to focus quickly, have weakened judgement, poorer alertness and a release of inhibition. If someone with this level of BAC gets behind the wheel, he will have a reduction in coordination, diminished ability to track moving objects like the cars around him, a difficulty in steering the car and a lowered response-time to emergency situations.

At 0.08 BAC, studies show that the driver at the wheel would now have poor muscle coordination which leads to a loss of balance, slurred speech, poor vision, slowed reaction time and lowered hearing. This driver will find it very difficult to detect danger and exhibit poor judgement, reasoning ability, memory and self-control.

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