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Inhalants: Yes! They can cause addiction


I still remember the day when I was talking to Martin, a 15 year old school dropout who had been referred for treatment of drug addiction. “So which drug do you use?” was my obvious question. “I am addicted to solvents like glue and I desperately want to quit this habit” was his reply. I was taken aback. Addicted to GLUE! I never had the concept that a familiar household item like glue was a DRUG! But yes, it is true. Addiction to inhalants (popular street names being glue, whipped cream, poppers and rush) is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get the high.

Inhalants are not considered as drugs since they are useful everyday products and a majority of them are legal. Generally three categories of the drug are abused:

  • Solvents: glue, felt tips, correction fluid, nail polish removers, paint thinners, household cleaners and waxes.
  • Gases: butane, propane and aerosols.
  • Nitrates: amyl and butyl.

The substances are generally sniffed from the containers, inhaled from bags or balloons (bagging), inhaled through a soaked cloth or material directly placed over the mouth (huffing), and mixed with alcohol for drinking or injected.  

Abuse of inhalants is mostly common among adolescents and young adults. In both UK and USA the use is high in the 12-16 age group. The European School Project on Alcohol and Drugs (ESPAD) revealed that 20% of the youngsters in the UK in that age group had used inhalants.

Inhalants cause excitement, euphoria and dizziness. Long-term use leads to a devastating neurological damage by decaying the fatty tissues of the brain and the rest of the Central Nervous System. Mood swings, hallucinations, slurred speech, movement disorder, personality change, poor judgment and bizarre behavior are the other effects. Sudden sniffing death is also a hazard.

If you find anyone having this problem please take the necessary action, help him to lead a sober life. Coming out of these addictions are much easier than other stronger drugs or prescription drugs.

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