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Amy Winehouse’s Family Says Alcohol Withdrawal Killed Her

The circumstances in Amy Winehouse’s death have given some tabloid writers and journalists the idea to blame Amy herself, and the people around her, for her untimely demise.

Amy WinehouseHowever, reformed Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan thinks otherwise, and tells Amy’s critics that putting the blame on the jazz singer and on her “advisors”  for what has happened isn’t right. McKagan says “no one loves to be addicted to drugs,” and those who judge Amy don’t understand the real problem that goes with addiction.

In his column for the Seattle Weekly, McKagan confirmed that he also knew the people who took charge of Whinehouse’s career, and they are good and straight people. “It is a shame that people like this, people who have tried their best to help Ms. Winehouse in the past few years, get their names dragged through the mud,” McKagan writes.

Meanwhile, Amy’s family blames her withdrawal from alcohol as the root cause of her death. With still inconclusive autopsy results, the “Rehab” singer’s family said that Amy was advised by her doctor to gradually distance herself from alcohol especially with her heavy drinking habits. The jazz diva instead abruptly stopped drinking, and this could be what killed her.

A report from Britain’s Daily Sun quoted someone from Amy’s family and says, “Abstinence gave her body such a fright, her family thought it was eventually the cause of her death.”

Earlier reports that circulated the net puts Amy in a bar drinking “gallons” of gin 72 hours before her death. Her father was quick to clear the allegations saying Amy wanted to prove she can do without alcohol. It was just so sad that her daughter wasn’t able to take the shock of giving alcohol up coupled with the bad turn of events in the last few years of her life.

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Musical Influence of Amy Whinehouse Lives On

She’s dead at just 27, but her death seem not surprising to the people who knew and surrounded her. Amy Whinehouse’s was suffering from drug addiction, and showing no sign of getting better.

Amy WinehouseIn her short musical career, Amy finished two albums; one entitled “Back to Black” that gave her the distinction of becoming one of the most phenomenal Grammy awards winners.

Her music mostly had the influence of the 1940’s jazz and 1960’s Motown which allowed her to contribute much to the music industry, and gave us an album that’s truly memorable. Her music was created just within the last decade, but they all sound so timeless.

She will be most remembered by the way she sounded. A feature on Time Newsfeed pointed that some said she was just an excellent imitator, there was no one else in her genre that could possibly do a cover of a Sam Cooke song and not sound so inferior to the original. Despite lyrics that are sometimes hard to comprehend and her mournful croons, Amy still had that novel sound which endeared her more to her fans.

Much of her short career was made possible by Mark Ronson. They co-produced her “Back to Black” album, from which the highly successful single “Rehab” was taken. Ironically, the song’s lyrics are quite close enough to mirror the singer’s real life. She has been encouraged to seek help for her drug addiction problems, but she always says “no, no, no.”

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Amy Winehouse Checks Back to Rehab

Amy Winehouse is back in rehab; she checks into the Priority Rehab Clinic, according to a feature on CNN. The ironically “Rehab” singer went into the facility last Wednesday. Amy is now 27 years old, but according to People magazine, it was her father who took control for his daughter to seek treatment.

Amy WinehouseSources say that Amy and his father had a talk before she agreed to get help. She was again drinking too much and so her father suggested an assessment to be done on the singer to control a possible bigger problem.

But would you expect Winehouse to get into rehab without a buzz? Some witnesses tell The Sun that Amy was seen at Meadway Food and Wine in Southgate, North London before heading to Priority. She was stumbling and her words were slurred. It was reported that she bought a miniature bottle of Smirnoff, and knocked it down straight, at a very early hour in the morning.

Friends close to the singer claims that although her father had something to do with her treatment, it was Winehouse’s decision to really seek help. According to them, the artist just had lapses and that it hasn’t been easy for her, but that majority of her life in the past months has been on the positive side.

“She’s determined, and this is all off her own back. It’s just a lapse. There are ups and downs on the road, and there have been mostly ups recently. But this is a down and she’s done the right thing and gone to rehab,” a source close to Winehouse says.

It was last January 2008 that the “Back to Black” singer last had treatment for her drugs and alcohol addiction.

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