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Amy Winehouse Checks Back to Rehab

Amy Winehouse is back in rehab; she checks into the Priority Rehab Clinic, according to a feature on CNN. The ironically “Rehab” singer went into the facility last Wednesday. Amy is now 27 years old, but according to People magazine, it was her father who took control for his daughter to seek treatment.

Amy WinehouseSources say that Amy and his father had a talk before she agreed to get help. She was again drinking too much and so her father suggested an assessment to be done on the singer to control a possible bigger problem.

But would you expect Winehouse to get into rehab without a buzz? Some witnesses tell The Sun that Amy was seen at Meadway Food and Wine in Southgate, North London before heading to Priority. She was stumbling and her words were slurred. It was reported that she bought a miniature bottle of Smirnoff, and knocked it down straight, at a very early hour in the morning.

Friends close to the singer claims that although her father had something to do with her treatment, it was Winehouse’s decision to really seek help. According to them, the artist just had lapses and that it hasn’t been easy for her, but that majority of her life in the past months has been on the positive side.

“She’s determined, and this is all off her own back. It’s just a lapse. There are ups and downs on the road, and there have been mostly ups recently. But this is a down and she’s done the right thing and gone to rehab,” a source close to Winehouse says.

It was last January 2008 that the “Back to Black” singer last had treatment for her drugs and alcohol addiction.

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