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Adam Robinson Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Iowa Hawkeyes’ Adam Robinson, who had already been suspended by coach Kirk Ferentz for Insight Bowl, placed his career at Iowa in jeopardy after being arrested on marijuana charges Monday night, according to a report on The Washington Post.

Adam RobinsonThe 21-year-old starting running back was arrested for possession of marijuana in Des Moines, Iowa. According to Iowa State Patrol, the vehicle that Robinson was riding in was pulled over because it did not have front plates. A trooper had detected the odor of marijuana from the vehicle, prompting a search; they eventually found marijuana. Both Robinson and the driver of the vehicle were charged; the charge against the driver, who was not identified, was possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

Gary Barta, athletic director for Iowa, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon regarding the incident involving Robinson: “Kirk [Forentz] and I were made aware of Adam’s situation earlier this morning. Obviously, we are both extremely disappointed to hear the news. We don’t have all of the facts and will withhold any further comment until we return to Iowa City and learn all of the details.”

Robinson had been left off the roster of Insight Bowl Tuesday night against Missouri, because he was unable to comply with the expectations and policies of the team. Robinson’s future with the team is now unclear, and freshman Marcus Coker may end up taking over in 2011.

Adam Robinson has since been released. He is set to appear in court on Jan. 5. The Post said that a message that was left in the home of his family in Des Moines was not returned right away.

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