A Comprehensive Guide To Safe Partying for Teenagers

Being a parent is never an easy task. From conceiving until the children grow older, the parent’s love and affection remains the same. Through the years, there are certain stages that every parent should deal with, and one of the biggest periods include teenage partying.

Teenage Years: The Period of Experimentation and Identity Crisis

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Being a teenager opens up a whole new world for children. This is the stage when they want to explore a lot of things, which sometimes leave us with sleepless nights.

Raising children in a very loving environment isn’t an assurance that everything will turn out well for them. Sometimes, it gets to a point where teenagers question the reason for their existence. The absence of parents may have a very huge impact on the behavior of teenagers, because they want to have answers to all of their questions.

Part of any teenager’s life is to become very sociable. While some parents can be too strict by not allowing their children to be with fellow teenagers, this may not result to something positive. In fact, this may lead kids to become rebellious.

Parents should understand that there is a need to provide balance in caring for teens. They are no longer small children, but they’re not adults either. These facts should be clearly emphasized to teens so that they will know what are expected of them and what their responsibilities are.

Putting trust on teen kids is something that parents should have. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Fears of Parents Regarding Teen Partying

A lot of things may cause parents to be fearful in teen partying. These include:

  • Drug overdose
  • Drunk driving
  • Unprotected sex
  • Fighting
  • Sexual assault

Any of these situations may lead any parent to feel uncomfortable letting their teenagers join any party. However, preventing teenagers from partying with their peers may result to a negative feeling for them.

Teenagers and the Society

No parent is assured that their teenagers will lead a life according to how they want them to be. This is probably because parents aren’t beside their teen children 24 hours a day. Moreover, the influence of fellow teenagers can be too strong that teenager who may be facing certain issues with their families may turn to friends – regardless if they are good or bad influences.

Some of the factors that influence teenagers to get hooked on drugs and/or alcohol include the following:

  • Friends who are into drinking alcohol and taking drugs
  • Television and social media exposure
  • Role models such as actors, singers, and artists
  • Parents or family members who are drinking alcohol and taking drugs

How Parents Should Handle Teen Partying

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Find below how parents should be able to handle their teen children’s partying, and how to let their kids enjoy their young lives without fear and worry:

Alcohol Abuse

Statistics have shown that kids as young as 8th grade may already be exposed to social drinking. What influences them to try drinking different kinds of alcohol is primarily the fact that they see the act from their own parents.

Parents should always provide open communication between them and their children. This is a good way of knowing each other’s feelings and thoughts, which could potentially strengthen the bond between them.

When parents fall short of providing quality time, children would seek answers from other people. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trustworthy. In fact, some people would intentionally harm others.

Having frequent family conversations is a must. This gives the opportunity for children to tell everything to their parents. As a parent, you should make your children feel that you are all ears for them and that you are always there to provide love and support.

Inform your children about what alcohol can do to them. Alcohol drinking may be a form of socializing but it should be taken in moderation. Teenagers still have young bodies which are still going through development. As parents, you need to provide information on the repercussions if they became habitual drinkers.

If you happen to be a parent who often drinks alcohol at home, maybe it’s time for you to stop the habit. If you have difficulty in completely stopping alcohol consumption, seek professional advice on how you can slowly turn yourself away from alcohol. Teenagers may not find what you tell them to be true unless they see that you no longer take a bottle or two of beer every night while watching your favorite TV show.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A large percentage of road accidents are caused by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have teenagers who are already driving their own cars, let them know that they need to be responsible while driving. Meeting an accident is unpredictable, which is why there is a need to always take precautionary measures.

Aside from self-protection, being watchful of DUI prevents teens from hurting other people or damaging property. You can just imagine the extent of loss that a DUI accident can bring to anyone.

There’s absolutely no excuse to be unaware of the dangers of what DUI can do. If your teenager cannot avoid having a drink while partying, at least inform your teenager to either avoid driving or make a call so that somebody can pick him up. These tips are not meant to encourage your son or daughter to party and get drunk and high, but rather to teach him / her how to be careful.

Then again, it boils down to teaching your kids what to do if they find themselves in that situation. Make sure to emphasize the fact that apart from being charged for possible damages, his life or another person’s life is at stake.

One effective way for DUI to be avoided is by letting someone come with your teen child to the party, or someone to drive him to where he is going. By doing this, someone can be there to remind him on how he should behave.

Party drugs

This may be the most popular trend among party goers these days, but taking party drugs is definitely something that people can live without. For starters, party drugs will never be something that the government would allow to be used for fun.

A lot of lives have been claimed because of party drugs and date rape drugs. What makes it worse is that some individuals aren’t even aware of the kind of drugs sold to them because some of these drugs are not labeled.

It becomes frightening when teenagers become curious to try party drugs. Some of them were made to believe that drugs can make their problems disappear or that they can be whoever they want to be without fear of being judged.

Parents should let their children be more aware of the dangers of having to deal with strangers during parties or sticking with people who are hooked on drugs. It is every parent’s responsibility to be the first people to provide such information to their children rather than let their children get false information from others.

Some of the most common party drugs that teenagers have been reported to be using include methamphetamine, cocaine, cannabis, heroin, fentanyl and ecstasy. These drugs are dangerous on their own, and the risk of potential health hazards are increased when taken with alcohol.

Being teens, your children may feel like they own the world when they’re with friends. On the flip side, they may feel invisible and do whatever they do. This vulnerability is the reason why teenagers should learn to open up to their parents if they feel that they have to say something.

There are also some thrill seekers who want to know the effects of party drugs. Letting your teenagers know the dangers of these drugs would enlighten them that to enjoy a party, drugs doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of it.

Peer Pressure

Teenagers want to belong to a group in order to feel accepted. At times, though, too much pressure from the world may turn them into personalities whom they are really not. This, in return, would lead to the stigma of trying to prove their worthiness to belong to a group, which may lead them to drink alcohol or take drugs as part of an “initiation”.

What happens next is that once they are in the clique, substance abuse can be part of their regular group bonding, which eventually becomes habitual to the point of becoming addictive.

Parents should always know the people that their children are hanging out with most of the time. It is best to know where their friends live as well. This information will give the parents some idea where their teenagers are more likely going to.

What should parents do?

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First and foremost, make a rule that no one can be allowed to stay out late especially during school days. If they need to go to a party, you should know who they are going with and where the party is going to be held. Complete information about the party should be provided; otherwise, you should not allow them to go out.

It is a great idea to be friends with the parents of your teenager’s friends. In that way, you are more confident that you will know what is going on with the party and have the assurance that no drugs or alcohol will be used by the teenagers.

If your teenager would be staying at a friend’s house after the party, make sure that you verify the arrangements with the parents and ensure that they are home in a previously agreed schedule.

Children who have open communication with their parents are at least 42 percent less likely to use illegal substances. This is because children will most likely to believe what their parents are telling them.

When parents spend more quality time, children will feel that they are loved. It is not enough to tell them that you love them. You should assure your kids that you want what’s best for them, and that you will do everything to keep them safe.

If the party is happening at your place and one of your teenager’s friends comes to your home intoxicated, immediately inform the parents. Also make sure that the friend goes home safely. Let your teenager know his responsibility as a host and as a friend.

Hosting a Party for your Teenager and his Friends

You may feel safer hosting the party instead of allowing your teenager to go partying in another place. The best way to make the party successful is by involving your children in the preparation. However, let them and their friends know that they can enjoy the party with fun activities but without having to deal with alcohol and drugs.

Here are some more partying tips when you plan to have your teen child’s friends over at your home:

  • Plan the event with your teenager.
  • Invite only a few friends over. There should be an adult present all the time. You may ask a parent to help you with the preparation should you need some extra hands.
  • The party should not allow people who are not in the guest lists to avoid gate crashers and other people who might be bringing in illicit drugs.
  • Set the rules during the party.
    • Drugs, alcohol or tobacco are absolutely not allowed.
    • Once a guest leaves, he could no longer return to the party.
    • Lights should never be turned off.
    • Certain rooms are off-limits.
  • Be on the lookout but not to the extent that you are making your teenager and his friends uncomfortable.

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