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Manhattan Beach Implements Strict Smoke-Free Ordinance

The Manhattan Beach City Council has just approved a new ordinance that bans smoking in many public areas. The new law has been implemented starting July 18.

quit smokingBranding itself as a smoke-free city, Manhattan Beach is now conducting the new ordinance, which broadens its existing laws to include electronic cigarettes. Scope of the smoking ban now includes many public places, including city streets and sidewalks, as well as public dining locations. Anyone inside the city may light a smoke in designated areas inside most hotels, and also residential areas and inside private moving vehicles.

Sona Coffee, who functions as the environmental program manager in Manhattan Beach, said that anyone walking through shops and other public areas can rest assured of their health. “The reason for that is we want to protect all of our visitors all of our residents from the impacts of second-hand smoke,” Coffee said in a news item.

Violators caught smoking in banned areas will be dealt with a $100 fine for the first offense. However, the city’s residents are given one month before the ordinance is set to full implementation and violators get slapped with the fine.

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Excessive Social Media Use Linked To Higher Risk for Substance Abuse

Spending too much time in front of the computer or TV screen may lead to a greater chance for kids to become dependent on drugs and other illicit substances.

teens using social mediaPartnership for a Drug Free Iowa, a group of experts who devise strategies to combat drug use in teens, said that youngsters are susceptible to substance abuse if they spend much of their time playing video games, logging in social media sites, or other non-social activities. The Partnership’s president Peter Komendowski said that “social media can be a very antisocial experience when it reduces actual time spent in activities with friends and family members.”

As a result of spending much time on antisocial activities, teenagers may be tempted to go down the spiral of depression and insecurity. “Excess social media and ‘screen time’ can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression, setting the stage for substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors,” Komendowski said in a news release.

Furthermore, the Partnership revealed that an average teenager spends about 55 hours on social media and video games on a weekly basis, with the figure increasing during summer vacation. The group is advocating more parental intervention for teens engaged in excessive antisocial behavior.

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Study: Same-Sex Couples Produce Healthier Kids

Skeptical about raising kids within the LGBT community? A recent study found out that kids raised by same-sex couples eventually lead grow up healthier and better adjusted in society that children growing in traditional heterosexual couples.

kids raised by same-sex couplesLead study author Simon Crouch of the University of Melbourne said that their study suggests that the social stereotype against gays and lesbians may not affect the children too much. “It’s often suggested that children with same-sex parents have poorer outcomes because they’re missing a parent of a particular sex… But research my colleagues and I published in the journal BMC Public Health shows this isn’t the case,” Crouch said in a news item.

The study involved a survey of families to report the health of their children. The results revealed that kids raised by same-sex couples were six percent better in terms of health than those living in traditional family settings.

Crouch attributes this to the dynamics happening in same-sex couples. “It is liberating for parents to take on roles that suit their skills rather than defaulting to gender stereotypes, where mum is the primary care giver and dad the primary breadwinner,” he said.

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