San Diego County Declares Synthetic Drugs a Public Nuisance

San Diego County has adopted on Tuesday a drug ordinance that targets synthetic drugs, such as Bath Salts and K2/Spice.

synthetic marijuanaThe Board of Supervisors temporarily approved an ordinance declaring synthetic drugs a public nuisance and making stores that sell them face civil abatement actions, the reports.

County officials admit that San Diego teenagers have not been spared by the dangers of synthetic drugs. Local grocery stores and supermarkets are selling a lot of these products which are often marketed “not for human consumption.” What’s more alarming is that teenagers who use them do not have the slightest idea on what the drugs can do.

“We have seen an increase in the use among our children. It’s being marketed to them in a way that they don’t quite understand and the types of behavior we see are violent. They are psychotic and they are something that none of these teenagers really can anticipate,” said District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

The ordinance, to be voted on April 3, would also make it a public nuisance to possess the products when it injuriously affects the heath, safety, welfare or comfortable enjoyment of life or property of someone other than the person in possession.

In addition to the ordinance, the board also voted 5-0 to support Assembly Bill 2420 aimed at outlawing the products.

“Combining these two measures will put San Diego County at the forefront of the efforts to combat what is a growing and dangerous problem facing our society,'” said County Supervisor Greg Cox.

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