Know Where Your Children Can Hide Drugs

13 Most Common Places Where Kids Hide DrugsDozens of research shows drug use begins in the adolescent years, but that doesn’t mean children as young as nine are free from the temptation. There are many reasons why kids use illicit substances, such as peer pressure, curiosity, rebellion, availability and attractiveness of drugs, and the simple thrill-seeking. While exercising parental involvement and maintaining good communication with your kids will help protect them from experimenting with drugs, there’s another important thing you should learn. That is, identifying bizarre spots where kids can hide their drugs.

We all know that kids today are more advanced in the way they think thanks to the Internet and new tech devices. Given that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they have also discovered more sophisticated ways to conceal drugs to avoid getting caught.

For example, the highlighter. It may look nothing more than an innocuous school material, but it could be your child’s secret place for marijuana or other drug of abuse. The same could be said with pens and books. Similarly, drugs can be stashed away in lip gloss or lipstick containers, behind posters, and inside socks. These items despite their harmless appearance could be conspiratorial with children who want to use drugs, whether out of curiosity or to give in to peer pressure.

Sadly, the problem of drug abuse in the society is getting worse as new drugs continue to emerge. But there are several means to keep your children drug-free. Prescription drugs abuse, in particular, could  start in your own household. That said,  it’s important to properly dispose or store prescription medicines in your home or they might find their way from one of your children’s personal items.

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