2C-I ‘Smiles’: What Are They and What Parents Need to Know

After bath salts and synthetic marijuana, a new street drug has come out and parents are warned to be aware of its potentially deadly effects.

2C-I Smiles2C-I, also known as Smiles, recently made its way to some states in the US and already claimed the lives of two teenage boys in North Dakota. According to reports, the drug’s effects have been called a combination of MDMA and LSD, only far more potent. Overdoses of the drug have also been reported in Indiana and Minnesota. Additionally, detectives investigating the death of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Johnny Lewis believed he may have been under the influence of ‘Smiles.’

But what kind of drug is 2C-I or ‘Smiles’?

A feature on NBCNews.com says ‘Smiles’ is part of a new wave of synthetic drug with a chemical name 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine. It is known by drug agents and chemists as 2C-I, part of a closely-related family of ā€œ2Cā€ drugs.

Smiles can be taken as small tablets, on pieces of blotter paper, or in powder form — often mixed with something else, like chocolate. Like LSD, the effects of the drug can last up to eight hours. But because the drug’s impact doesn’t appear immediately, users end up taking more to get the desired high, to the point of risking overdose.

In July, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classified 2CI a Schedule 1 controlled substance. However, trying to curtail the drug and keeping up to date with designer synthetics remain a tough challenge due to the “many emerging chemicals” that drug manufacturers are using. It also doesn’t help that ‘Smiles’ is undetected in standard drug tests, thereby, causing more high school students, college-age individuals, and young adults to experiment on it.

2-CI overdoses are said to cause seizures, kidney failure, and fatally high blood pressure.

A Yahoo! Shine report says that a derivative of 2C-I, called 25b-Nbome, was linked to multiple overdoses in young people in Perth, Australia.

A Perth police office said “Overdose on these drugs is a reality… and can obviously result in dire consequences.”

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