New Ebook on Synthetic Drug Abuse Guides Parents and Teachers to Deal with the Problem

For several years, synthetic drugs have been landing in the hands of adolescents and high school students who are looking for a cheap and “legal” high. Synthetic marijuana (often known as K2 or Spice) and bath salts are easily purchased from head shops, gas stations, convenience stores, and via the Internet. Though labeled “not for human consumption,” an alarming number of youth are turning to synthetic drugs under the wrong perception that they are harmless.

synthetic marijuanaAccording to the 2011 Monitoring the Future survey of youth drug-use trends, 11.4 percent of 12th graders used Spice or K2 in the past year, making synthetic drugs the second most widely abuse drugs by high-school seniors. The American Association of Poison Control Centers says the calls they received relating to human exposure to synthetic marijuana double from 2,906 calls in 2010 to 6,959 in 2011; whereas, the number of calls received related to bath salt exposure was 20 times higher from 2010 (304) to 2011 (6,138).

Sadly, parents are facing extreme pressure to be more involved with their children’s lives to keep them away from using synthetic drugs and other illicit substances. They are even more challenged by the fact that they have little control over what’s happening to their children’s lives the moment they step out of the home.

In schools, teachers and school administrators are urged to exercise the same vigilance to students. As a result, some school districts are enforcing random drug test to curb illegal drug use, as well as launching programs to educate students about the dangers of synthetic drugs.

Lately, a handful of research are being published by experts to step up education and prevention campaigns that will pave the way to combating the problem.

In the hope to raise public awareness on the issue of substance abuse, TestCountry designed an ebook that will help parents and teachers address the problem of synthetic drug use. The book, which provides concrete steps to take in order to determine level of use in your teen and get them the help they need, was developed to be a resource on synthetic drugs. It also included some difficult questions on parenting a teen who uses drugs, and researches cited from a variety of credible resources.

A free download version of the Synthetic Drug Abuse: Guide for Teachers & Parents Book is available for a limited time only.

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