Initiative for Seniors Aimed at Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse

seniors-prescription-drugsSeniors take prescription medications to deal with various health conditions. However, these prescription meds have the tendency to sometimes land in the wrong hands, such as teenagers who experiment on pills. So, to make sure older adults understand the risks involved with their own medications, the Commission on Aging in Otsego County is holding a workshop aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse.

The workshop is called “Be the Solution: How to Secure, Monitor and Dispose of Prescription Drugs” and its mission is to equip seniors with practical information about the ¬†proper ways to manage their pills.

“We want to make sure that our older adults are safe that they have good information. Information is power and with that they know what to do to guard against these kinds of things,” said Eileen Godek, Coordinator for Commission on Aging Volunteer.

The Otsego County Sheriff’s Department is also getting involved with the initiative by designating a disposal area in their building where anyone can drop off their old medications.

For Otsego County Undersheriff Matt Nowicki, getting rid of prescription medications properly is one of the effective ways to eradicate the possibility of having someone take them.

While overshadowed by street drugs like heroin and methamphetamine, Undersheriff Nowicki do not dismiss the fact that prescription drug abuse is still happening in the area. Becoming aware of it and knowing what to do can go a long way in minimizing the incidents of people who use prescription drugs without ¬†doctor’s supervision.

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