Fort Lauderdale Joins Other Cities in Banning Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salts

Fort Lauderdale is the latest to join the growing number of cities wanting to ban the sale or display of bath salts and synthetic marijuana, according to the CBS Miami report.

bath saltsBroward County commissioners have asked the county’s attorney on Tuesday to draft an ordinance banning products that contain illegal substances or ingredients that mimic the effects of those substances.

“We’re talking about products that carry names such as ‘Innocence’ and are sold at convenience stores and gas stations, et cetera,” said Commissioner Sue Gunzburger who requested the ordinance.

Synthetic marijuana and bath salts have become an alarming concern to US officials and law enforcement following reports about teenagers and adults who have been abusing them. As of 2012, at least 44 states have already banned one or both of these substances.

Last year, Gov. Rick Scott signed a law prohibiting bath salts; however, manufacturers have managed to elude banning penalty by slightly altering the drugs’ chemical makeup.

In Miami-Dade County and the cities of Miami, Sunrise and Sweetwater, ordinances banning synthetic marijuana and bath salts have been either passed or already in the final stages of passing.

Fort Lauderdale’s drafted ordinance is scheduled to come back for commission review in the fall.

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