San Marcos School District Brings Back Drug Testing

San Marcos school district has been without random drug testing since 2010, but things are about to change after the new athletic director convinced the school board to bring it back.

In 2012, the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District stopped conducting student drug testing after the federal grant was taken away. The board decided not to use taxpayer money to continue the program as it could jeopardize the district’s balanced budget, lower tax rate and teacher raises. Sadly, the decision has given students the opportunity to try abusing substances under the assumption that they don’t have to worry about being caught in a drug test. According to Superintendent Mark Eades, several students were recently caught using alcohol and drugs.

Drug testing in San Marcos school district was started primarily to give students the option to stay away from drugs. And the same reason still holds true now that the board is bringing it back. However, this time around, only high school students will be randomly tested, excluding middle school students.

A private company will be paid $13,000 annually to screen 30 students a month, bringing the total to 240 a year — half of the number will be boys and the other half girls. San Marcos will enforce tougher disciplinary actions on students that will come out positive on the drug test. Students testing positive on drugs on the first time must sit out of all competitions for an entire year, attend counseling, and be tested seven more times in a row. And if student tests positive twice, they will be banned from extracurricular activities for the rest of their high school career.

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