Illinois School District Considering Drug Testing

After thorough discussions and deliberations on the proposed policy from the Illinois Association of School Boards, the Murphysboro School District is ready to come up with their own drug testing program.

school drug testingSuperintendent Chris Grode has been chosen to head the presentation of the proposal to the school board which will contain all the necessary information about the proposed drug test program — from the students that will be subjected to the procedure, to the corresponding sanctions, the budget for the program, and all other issues of the proposal.

The proposal is expected to be out on August and will be voted on by September. Grode says that while his presentation will answer questions related to the drug testing procedure, the school board will be responsible for the final list of students that will comprise the testing population. During earlier meetings of the board, students with parking privileges and those involved in sports and other school activities will be subjected to random drug testing.

Board president Mike Austin was concerned about the costs for each test. Board member Kristi Miller said the tests will probably require 50 centavos to $3 each from the school. Should there be a need for third-party analysis, most outside companies charge around $25 per test.

For students involved in school activities that will test positive, parents will be immediately notified and the students concerned will be suspended from their extra-curricular activities. The same goes for students with parking rights as their parking permits will be automatically confiscated if they get involved in drugs.

Parents are welcome to contest the results and are given the opportunity to have re-tests, but they will have to shoulder the succeeding re-tests costs.

Grode also gave the assurance that the results will be kept confidential by the school. What they are after is that students will be aware that such a program is in effect and that it will hopefully discourage them from using illicit drugs.

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