How Grandparents Can Help Teens Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse

It has been reported many times that teenagers abusing prescription drugs are obtaining the pills from their household medicine cabinet. While parents are encouraged to closely supervise their teenagers, grandparents can have an important role, too, in helping their grandchildren stay away from misusing prescription medications. Here are a few tips for grandparents to help their teenagers understand and stay away from abusing prescription pills.

grandmother-granddaughterMonitor and Safely Dispose Your Medicines
Take note of how many pills you have in your prescription bottles and keep track of your refills. Throw away those that are already expired or no longer used to discourage your teenage grandchild from experimenting on them. Likewise, encourage other family members staying in the same home to monitor their own medicine cabinets.

Communicate With Your Grandchild
Talking with your teenage grandchild is important in making her/him feel that you care. Take an active interest in your grandchild’s life by asking about her/his hobbies and the kinds of activities s/he engages in. ┬áListen to your grandchild’s concerns and offer praise or positive feedback when needed.

Spend Time Together
The more involved you are with your grandchild the more time you can spend with him/her. ┬áDo a few activities together, such as watching movies at home or cooking. Learning to be a little more techie can also have its advantages when it comes to keeping up with your grandchild’s interest.

Learn about Drug Abuse and Share what You Know
Read news and updates about substance abuse. Keep yourself educated about the risks of abusing alcohol and other substances. Instead of giving your grandchild boring lectures, make them aware of what drug use can do to them — in their health and personal life.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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