Prescriptions Database to Help Control Abuse

A state bill in Albany, New York dubbed as I-STOP has passed a legislation that will keep track of prescriptions made for regulated substances in a real-time basis through a database.

With the bill’s passing, doctors will now be required to place their prescriptions for patients in an online database and pharmacists will have to access the same online database before they can dispense medications especially painkillers.

prescription drugs databaseSenator Patrick Gallivan (R-Elma) from Erie County said that he supports the bill as his own family has become a victim of painkiller abuse. “We are trying to deal with the greatest public health challenges of our generation,” Sen. Gallivan said during the voting session.

Other leaders who also supported the bill include Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, after the assembly came up with an amicable proposal originally presented by Schneiderman himself earlier.

Schneiderman said he is optimistic about I-STOP and hopes that prescription drug abuse in their area will hopefully be controlled and prevented in the long run.

“With I-STOP, we will create a national model for smart, coordinated communication between health-care providers and pharmacists to better serve patients, stop prescription drug trafficking and provide treatment to those who need help.”

Paper prescriptions will now be eliminated and the online database will take their place. Having online prescriptions can be a lot safer especially when doctors give their patients medications which are controlled or regulated.

The legislation will also send a strong message to drug users and abusers that the government is not tolerating “doctor-shopping” or getting several prescriptions for a particular painkiller or other medication from different doctors. These multiple prescriptions are then dispensed by pharmacists that often go to the wrong hands.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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