New Test Detects Synthetic Marijuana

If fake or synthetic marijuana users think that they can get away with their drug habits, they now have a reason to think things over more seriously.

A new lab-based test that can detect the presence of synthetic marijuana such as JWH-018, JWH-019, JWH-073, and JWH-250 in urine samples has been developed by Norchem. The new test could be the much-awaited solution of detecting fake marijuana in a person’s system, especially during probation and parole checks, as well as drug court and treatment centers’ confirmatory procedures.

synthetic marijuanaWith the advent of the latest trend in drug testing, detecting the different forms of synthetic marijuana, also popularly known as K2 or Spice, will now be possible.

There are now about more than a dozen types of new drugs based on synthetic marijuana which can all be more potent than the real thing. This makes them more dangerous and fatal, with users manifesting symptoms like anxiety, increased heart rates, and seizures.

Norchem CEO Bill Gibbs said they have successfully identified the presence of fake marijuana in previous samples which tested negative for the drugs. “We’ve re-tested several hundred randomly pulled specimens from our laboratory and found that over 60% detected the presence of synthetic cannabinoids. These specimens had previously tested negative for drugs of abuse. We consider this significant abuse, three to four times the rate of other illegal compounds that we routinely test.”

Gibbs continued by sharing that when they were working on their project, teens and college students were the top priority and inspiration in coming up with the new test. Synthetic marijuana has had a growing number of users as they can avoid legal consequences and there was no clear confirmatory procedure for these types of drugs.

In the United States, there are areas where fake pot is still legally sold. Consumers have been warned by the Drug Enforcement Agency by classifying such substances as “drugs and chemicals of concern.”

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