How to Help Your Kids Stay Away from Drugs

Dad helping son with bike helmet.With the skyrocketing cases of drug addiction in teenagers, parents have become more creative in keeping their kids off drugs. Unfortunately, for some parents, the task can be daunting and overwhelming. Though it can take a little more effort on your part, drug addiction in your own kids is preventable. Here are some steps you can take to help your children just say no to drugs.

Know what they do and their interests. As children get older, they engage in more activities at school and with friends. While you cannot keep an eye on your kids 24/7, staying involved with your their life is one better way to know them and understand what they are going through. Even if your children are legally old enough to be home alone, resist the temptation of leaving them by themselves at home for hours; otherwise, you’re just giving them the opportunity to experiment with drugs or alcohol. In addition, knowing their interest gives you the chance to build a health relationship with them. Once you have established a solid bond with your kids, educating them about the importance of staying away from drugs would be easier.

Build their self-esteem. Be generous in giving encouragement, appreciation, and praise to your children. Show them that you love and care for them by being more interested in their life, such as their passions and interests. Find something they are good at and let them know that they have your support all the way. Making your kids feel loved will make them more confident in leading a life without drugs and alcohol.

Be your children’s good role model. Kids tend to look up to their parents especially during the early years of their life. If you’re an alcoholic yourself or drug abuser, chances are, your kids will emulate the kind of lifestyle and habits you’re having. So let them see you taking care of your body and following healthy practices.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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