Household Products Becoming a Popular Source of Abuse in Texas

bath_saltIn Texas, there’s a growing concern that household chemical products are fast becoming a popular choice for kids wanting to get a cheap high. Since 2010, Bexar County has already recorded 15 cases of people using bath salts to get high.

Although the state has banned bath salt chemicals since 2011, there seems to be no stopping some kids from obtaining and using the products.

“Kids are creative so any high that you can find, especially cheap highs are available in any of our medicine cabinets…underneath our sinks and counters and things like that,” says Robert Alvarado, who works as an Intervention Specialist at the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Bath salts are powdered mixture that are labeled “not for human consumption.” They are often sold in smoke shops, online pharmacies, and other convenience stores. The sad part is they are not being used for the purposes on the labels. Following the increasing cases of bath salts abuse that have been reported since 2011, many state officials and lawmakers have began considering a proposal to ban the sale of the powders.

“With a synthetic drug you are not really sure what is going to happen with your body,” Alvarado said. “It’s marketed not to be ingested, but it’s sold to be ingested.”

Males in their 20s are regarded as the primary abusers household chemical products in Texas.

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