Parents Should Know How Kids Cheat on Drug Tests

Parents should be on the lookout when kids try to cheat on drug tests. Here are things that kids do to cover up their drug use when testing procedures are done.

drug tests1. Drinking too much water before giving urine samples. This is probably the oldest method used not only by kids but for adults too. According to Sharon Levy, a pediatrician from the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, kids consume water to flush out the drugs in their system.

2. Destroying samples. When kids get desperate, they will find ways to tamper with the samples. A few drops of bleach, detergent, vinegar or cleaners are added to mess up samples that would have tested positive for drugs.

3. Using another person’s clean urine samples. When kids know they are about to be tested, they sometimes resort to using other urine samples that are clean or even purchase freeze-dried urine samples online to use as their own.

4. Taking vitamins. To aid in the body’s metabolism, kids take Vitamin B3 in the hopes of getting rid of any drug traces in the body. What they don’t know is that this could lead to complicated conditions and even death. There have been previous reports of kids rushed to ERs due to a sudden drop in blood sugar levels or “liver toxicity” caused by an overdose of niacin.

5. Changing the drug of choice. Before the drug testing procedure, kids can switch to other types of drugs that will give them the same euphoric effect but remain clean upon testing. Inhalants are the best examples of alternative drugs that give the same “high” but do not yield positive drug results.

While these methods cannot guarantee a negative drug test, as most drug testing laboratories already have cheat detection tools in place, it is still best to be observant on the practices above.

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