Parent’s Guide during Graduation or Prom Season

It has been reported that graduation and prom seasons are the most dangerous times for kids as thee bring in the threat of drugs and alcohol as celebratory parties are everywhere. To keep kids safe during these times, here are some things parents can do and follow:

party drinking1. Be sure that you have talked with your teens. Make sure you know where your kids plan to go and emphasize the fact that underage drinking is illegal.

2. Check your own drinking habits. Most teens get their alcohol from their own parents. To prevent the situation, do not keep as much alcohol in your house and always store your drinks in secured areas.

3. You can host your own graduation party or prom for your kids without the element of alcohol. The idea that it’s safer for teens to drink with parents’ supervision is nothing but a myth. Keep in mind that alcohol intoxication will increase risks of vehicular accidents and promiscuous behaviors among teens.

4. Teach your kids how to deal with peer pressure when it comes to drinking. If they are going out, always confirm their whereabouts to avoid any complicated scenarios.

5. Have a back-up plan whenever your teens go out. If drinking can’t be prevented, at least make certain that your child can still go home without the need for him to drive. Before they do get into these situations, remind them about the zero-tolerance law of underage drinking.

6. Equip your teens with the knowledge of the accompanying dangers of drinking and driving. Be sure that they don’t get rides with drunk drivers too.

7. Always keep the numbers of the nearest hospitals in your home directory. Nobody ever wants to be in life-threatening situations, but it could happen. If your teen had too much to drink and remains unconscious, it’s best to call for emergency help.

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