Joint Community Efforts Help Control Alcohol Abuse

Anybody can be a victim of alcohol abuse, and the consequences are serious. Individuals who get caught up in the web of alcohol addiction not only destroy themselves but they also negatively affect family relationships, working behaviors, and other aspects in the community where they are in.

alcohol abuseAlcoholism is the term used to identify alcohol dependence. Alcoholics often feel tired, depressed and irritable for no specific cause at all. Also, too much alcohol intake can damage the liver and other major organs in the body.

This is why anti-alcoholism initiatives should start at home and with the family. Family members and friends should be quick to identify the symptoms that indicate alcohol problems. Some of these signs include the dependency of an individual’s actions to alcohol that could lead to irresponsibility both in family and work obligations, encounters with law enforcement for alcohol-related incidents, and turning to alcohol despite having enough social and health problems.

Community groups may help by doing their share in implementing guidelines and measures that control alcohol abuse. Concerned citizens could assist law enforcement authorities in monitoring and disseminating information about the dangers of alcohol abuse in the area. Authorities and community leaders should solicit the support of alcohol retailers to control the improper distribution of alcoholic beverages especially to minors.

For those who sincerely want to help, volunteers are very welcome to join and share their time with organizations and cause-oriented groups that aim to control alcoholism and underage drinking.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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