New Documentary Shows Real Score on Underage Binge Drinking

In a new documentary called “Faded: Girls and Binge Drinking,” what really goes on when teens get into a drinking spree is clearly depicted, much more than what teens see on films and on television.

The documentary featured on ABC shows real teenage girls on alcohol abuse, from binge drinking up to the point that they pass out or get behind the wheels even if they had way too much to drink. An ABC News report earlier claimed that one in every four teenage girls indulge in binge drinking and that surprisingly, most binge drinkers are the perceived “good girls” as they try so hard to fit in. This is what inspired the producers of the said documentary.

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The ABC featured documentary focused on teenage girls, like 17-year-old Erin Thomas and 19-year-old Megan Helal from Texas, and the consequences they faced due to alcohol abuse. Helal died last month during a frat party held at Baylor University. At the event, Helal consumed between 10 to 17 drinks in a short span of two hours. According to Fox news, her parents are suing the fraternity for the untimely death of Megan.

Erin Thomas, on the other hand, was lucky enough to survive her experience of being arrested for underage drinking. Thomas admitted that on a recent party, she was able to consume four bottles of beer and about 10 to 13 shots of another alcoholic beverage. She and her boyfriend were later pulled over, with a DUI violation for her boyfriend and an arrest for her.

In the film, binge drinkers often started very early with alcohol experimentation. It was suggested that prevention measures should be taken to curb teenage drinking even while in middle school.

A study released by the Pediatrics society suggests that films with alcohol in their themes, such as “The Hangover” and “Project X,” are the most influential factors when teens decide to binge drink.

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