Teens Get Creative in Drug Abuse

At a forum held in Grovetown Middle School, different methods kids use to get away with drug use were introduced — and kids these days have found clever ways to get access to and use drugs.

School administrators admitted that they have caught students bringing vodka-soaked candies and marijuana pipes made from ink pens at school.

vodka candiesBut Bradford Health Services administrator Terry Childers said parents should be on the lookout if their kids start to read the obituary section of a newspaper. “They would look for people who died of something like cancer, knowing their houses probably had a lot of prescription drugs in them. Then, these kids would wait for when the funeral was being held and rob the house,” Childers said.

Other signs of drug addiction shared by the lecturers include stealing from parents, academic troubles, unusual disruptive behavior, lying, and getting home late.

Childers added that another drug popular to students is Spice. A synthetic marijuana formulated by a scientist from Clemson University, Spice is sold in the United States as incense or potpourri which are readily available in tobacco and convenience stores.

A.J. Creswell who is a senior counselor for the Insight program, a program focused on spreading awareness of teen substance abuse, added that continued use of Spice could lead to psychosis.

Yet prescription medications claim the top spot when it comes to the drug of choice among teenagers. According to Creswell, kids can easily get hold of such drugs with about 70% of users confessing that they get their supply from their parents’ prescriptions.

Creswell warned parents on the growing problem of substance abuse. “The kids who come through my program are some of the smartest I’ve ever met,” he said. “Drug dealing isn’t just some guy on a street corner. Kids are getting them from friends, at home, even at gas stations.”

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