T2T Campaign Working Against Prom Season Drinking

Prom and graduation seasons are fast approaching and during this time, underage drinking and drug use can easily make their way into every teen’s life.

T2T campaignThis is why the North Memorial program Partnership for Change has launched a “T2T” campaign with a mission to keep kids safe especially during the coming season. For the past four weeks, pink signs around the northwest suburbs have been spread and last Monday, the program worked its way to Maple Grove Senior High school.

The “T2T” messages have been revealed in various social media outlets of the campaign: Time 2 Think, Time 2 Teach, Talk 2 Teens, and Teen 2 Teen. The last message will be unveiled this coming Saturday, April 28 during Maple Grove’s own prom event.

All of the bright pink signs used by the T2T program have been distributed through community lawn signs, flyers, social media sites, and websites that are often visited by the target students at Maple Grove, Park Center Senior High, and Osseo High School. The messages will hopefully help prevent underage drinking and drug abuse among the youth in the area.

Partnership for Change coordinator LeeAnn Mortensen said their campaign aims to protect kids during end of school seasons. “We have implemented the campaign for the first time in northwest Hennepin County. The campaign is an important reminder during the upcoming prom and graduation seasons to keep students safe.”

Mortensen claimed that about 200 yard signs have been distributed which helped in promoting awareness of underage drinking and drug use throughout the whole community.

Yet they are continuing their efforts to encourage parents, concerned citizens, community leaders, and students to do their share in fighting alcohol and drug abuse especially in the northwest Hennepin County.

“In the end we hope to protect the health of the families in our communities and ultimately save lives,” she said.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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