Eastern Lancaster County School District Confident on Drug Testing Policy

The Eastern Lancaster County School District is optimistic that its own version of a drug testing policy will hurdle all legal obstacles and be approved in no time.

District Superintendent Robert Hollister said that Elanco’s drug testing program is patterned after Solanco School District’s policy, but that they have made adjustments to avoid legal scrutiny based on Solanco’s case before they finally got the approval of the courts and of the school community.

middle school studentsElanco presented evidence of drug problems in their institution. In the 634-word detailed “purpose” section of their policy, Elanco presented a report made by the investigative board that looked into the risks of drug abuse in the district. It included discussions, statistics, and surveys participated in by students, parents, teachers, coaches, and school administrators.

“So ours is slightly different (from Solanco’s) in a manner that acknowledges specifically the issues we were having here and the fact that a community task force made the recommendation,” Hollister added.

Hollister further reiterated that a drug testing program is not keen on catching kids on the act but that it is supposed to make them (students) think twice before they succumb to the temptation of experimenting with drugs.

There were a few parents from the area that earlier disagreed with the drug-testing rules but Elanco’s task force is continuing to monitor public opinion with regards to the policy.

While each district allows the testing of “secondary” school students, Elanco opted not to adopt testing on this bracket of students and instead focused on the middle school category where seventh and eighth grade students belong.

To address one parent’s distress on the randomness of the drug testing policy, as her child was chosen twice to undergo the procedure, Hollister claimed this could really happen. “It is a random test every time, so students who were selected once could get selected again, as happened with this student.”

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