New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Law Discussed Anew

The New Hampshire Senate has recently passed a medical marijuana law, but the controversial legislation found its way back to the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee last Tuesday.

marijuanaSenate Bill 409, which allows patients with debilitating medical conditions to acquire up to 6 ounces of marijuana or grow up to four plants in a secured facility, had law enforcement officials doubtful as to the benefits of marijuana to patients and raised concerns on people who might be taking advantage of the said provision.

Bill sponsor Sen. Jim Forsythe (R- Strafford), who is a former Air Force pilot, claimed that the only motivation why he is pushing for the bill to be approved is the fact that it will be able to help patients who have resorted to just about every drug but only found the remedy in marijuana.

Gov. John Lynch, who has been one of the strongest members on the opposition’s side when it came to medical marijuana issues, has sat down with Sen. Forsythe and confirmed that he is looking over the senator’s proposal. Forsythe said he would welcome the governor’s participation and ideas for the improvement of the bill but the governor’s camp has yet to coordinate with his group.

When the bill was passed by the House and the Senate, Governor John Lynch submitted a veto and there weren’t enough votes to override it.

During the last meeting, medical marijuana supporters and non-supporters gathered where there were noticeably fewer medical marijuana patients. Officials from the Attorney General’s office and police representatives stood for the opposition’s side during the forum.

New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police representative Chief Franklin Goldstein voiced out the group’s apprehension on the confessions of patients that were relieved of their illnesses through medical marijuana. “If there are scientific studies that show the benefits, let’s see them. What we’re hearing is anecdotal,” Goldstein said.

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