Majority of Teen ER Admissions Caused by Alcohol or Drugs

Most of the teens admitted at the Medical Center Hospital (MCH) have something in common: they almost always come from activities involving either drugs or alcohol, or even both.

teen hospital admissionsApproximately 75% of teens who are rushed in emergency rooms are usually intoxicated, and for MCH Trauma Outreach Coordinator Lisa Earp, the situation on hand is very alarming. “We need to do something about it and it’s imperative we do something now,” Earp added.

In the recent county health ranking released nationally for substance abuse, Ector County remained on the upper part of the list with excessive drinking rates by teenagers in the county placing way above the national average.

The MCH once again reiterated the need for parents to get involved in their kid’s activities and be good examples, since most of the time, teens tend to follow their parent’s behavior. “Most of your underage drinkers are a direct reflection of their parents, their friends and their family. They are the greatest influence on whether or not they drink.”

This is why the MCH has organized a town hall meeting on Saturday, 2 to 4 pm, to spread information and awareness not only to parents, but also to the kids, on the issue of substance abuse. There will be invited guest speakers from local law enforcement and from substance abuse treatment facilities.

Chief Medical Officer for MCH Dr. Bruce Becker warns parents not to disregard their instincts nor deny the truth that their kids might be in trouble. With countless encounters of teens’ drinking and taking drugs, Dr. Becker knows how things could go terribly wrong.

“I know a story [about a teen] that was doing something as simple as standing on a balcony after drinking when he tried to high five a friend across another balcony and lost his balance. He fell to the ground and died.”

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