Teens Get their Alcohol from Parents or Other Family Members

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has released a report that suggests most teens get their alcohol from parents or from other family members.

MADD gathered data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) which shows that 26% of teen drinkers aged 12 to 17 years old have access to alcohol through their parents or other family members. It was also noted in SAMHSA’s survey that parents have the biggest influence when it comes to underage drinking as 3 in every 4 kids say their decision to drink depended heavily on their parent’s behavior towards alcohol.

drinking with parentsHere are the results of the survey conducted by SAMHSA with regards to alcohol sources of teen drinkers:

1) 26% say they get their alcohol from their own parents, guardians, or from other family members aged 21 years old and above.
2) 25% claimed they get the said substance from people of legal age with whom they aren’t related to.
3) Another 22% say people not related to them and below the legal age become their sources of alcohol.
4) 10% of teens say alcohol is available in their home.
5) 5% of the survey population get their alcohol from other people’s homes.

According to Bill Windsor, Associate Vice President for National Insurance Consumer Safety working with MADD, underage drinking is also a problem that involves adults. “This data shows that underage drinking prevention is not only a problem for our youth. It’s an adult problem too. More than half of teens who drink are getting their alcohol from adults.”

MADD was formed by a mother who lost her daughter due to drunk driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is one of the largest non-profit organization operating nationwide focusing on the safety of teens and their families as far as alcohol issues are concerned. MADD can be reached through hotlines 1-877-MADD-HELP or 1-877-ASK-MADD.

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