Local Parents Urged to Help Fight Teen Drug Abuse

The Glendora Unified Parents Summit was held last Tuesday with educators, local police, and drug counselors calling for local parents’ help in keeping kids away from drug abuse.

teen drug abuseAt the event organized by the Glendora Unified School District together with the Glendora Police Department, teen issues including substance abuse and the effect of technology on family relationships were put on a spotlight.

Glendora Police Chief Rob Castro joined the said event and gave a tough message to the parents present during the forum. “We realized as police and school administrators we are not the panacea for helping our kids. It starts at home, it starts with you… It’s not our job, by the time we find out that something is wrong it’s already too late.”

The Glendora Police Department introduced the different types of drugs such as ecstasy, marijuana, prescription drugs, and alcohol. There were also new types of drugs emerging and making their way in the community such as Xanax and spice as well as the re-entry of heroin in the list.

According to Mike Schaub and Robin McGeough from the Charter Oak Recovery Program, teens today are experimenting with more potent drugs. With their work as drug counselors for Whitcomb High School, they have recorded that most teens under drug use or addiction do not only stick to one type of drug but a variety of dangerous substances.

Heroin is fast becoming a drug of choice for the youth again. Parents are warned that kids today do not necessarily need needles to use the drug as they now snort or smoke heroin believing it’s a much safer route.

At the end of the event, only one strong message was left to parents: that they have to be involved in their kids’ daily lives; knowing where the kids are, who they hang out with, and what they do after school are necessary if they don’t want their kids to get into trouble.

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