Drug Testing Program for Beverly Hills High School

The Board of Education at the Beverly Hills High is considering having a random drug testing program for students involved in sports and the performing arts.

The board meeting became the first step towards the development of a drug policy at the Beverly Hills High School. While BHHS already conducts random drug checks on campus, Board President Brian Goldberg said the need for a more comprehensive program to control drug use within the campus is quite important. As President of the Board, Goldberg did not deny that he has been receiving reports of students joining in athletic competitions and school performances while under the influence.

teen experimenting on drugsGoldberg added that most students are experimenting with recreational drugs but he is not disregarding steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs on his list.

“I selected these programs over random drug testing throughout the high school because of cost and because of the nature of these programs, particularly with them (students) leaving our campus and representing us offsite on a regular basis.”

Superintendent Gary Woods was tasked to research on the different random drug testing programs implemented by other schools in the district and present his findings to the board.

Yet Board Vice President Jake Manaster is hesitant about implementing a drug testing policy. He claims it is not in the best interest of the school if only a specific group of students will be part of the policy. “I can’t see myself supporting random drug testing on a group of individuals; it would have to be the entire campus.”

Manaster continues to question the legality of drug testing procedures but admits it won’t necessarily become a hindrance for the school as Supreme Court rulings as early as 2002 already stressed the constitutionality of such a policy.

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