Missouri City PD Announces Teen Drug Testing Program

The Eureka Police Department in Missouri announced an effort that aims to help and prepare teens to face peer pressure when it comes to experimenting with substance abuse.

The new drug prevention program called “Test My Teen” is designed to ensure that parents are in touch with “what is really going on” with their teens, in addition to helping teens overcome peer pressure when their “friends” ask them to try out illicit drugs and alcohol.

Eureka Police Chief Michael Wiegand shared that the program will allow parents to download a voucher from the website of the Eureka Police Department, which will make them eligible for a free home drug test kit. Parents who avail of the program will only need to pay for shipping costs.

Test My Teen

The Test My Teen website shares answers to general questions, information on what to look for, conversation starters for parents who would like to talk to their teens about drugs, and references for counselors.

The provision of electronic vouchers ensures total anonymity, thereby allowing families to deal with whatever issues may be revealed by such drug tests privately. The home test kits, Wiegand shared further, will be shipped in plain packaging, in order to further ensure the privacy of the family.

Families who do not have access to the Internet, however, may pick up printed vouchers, which are available at the Eureka Police Department.

Wiegand shared the following statement in a news release: “For years, police have been the first to know, and the parents the last to know when local kids used drugs… with this testing program, we can work with parents and turn this thing around.”

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