Investigation Shows Widespread Drug Abuse Problem in US High Schools

It is an unfortunate but very real scenario: the presence of buying and selling of drugs in high schools throughout the United States. One such case in a high school in Illinois provides a picture of how things are in our high schools.

marijuana sellingAn investigation regarding drug sales at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, resulted in the charging of two students, and the recovery of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

The investigation uncovered text messages from students’ cell phones, which showed that marijuana transactions were being arranged during the school day. The actual transactions, however – when marijuana really exchanged hands – happened outside the school premises.

Barrington Police Chief Jerry Libit shared: “That kind of thing probably goes on in every high school in America… We’ve certainly had our share of kids using pot or buying pot or selling pot. It’s a horrible situation when it happens in the high school. That’s why they have enhanced penalties for it and everything.”

Steve Williams, principal of Barrington High School, concurred that when drugs invade the school environment, it is a serious matter: “We will go to whatever degree the law will allow to address transactions on school property… I know that it’s happened, but it doesn’t happen very often. (Drugs have) been an issue at high schools since high schools were opened. We just have to help educate students to make good decisions.”

Police and school officials agree that education is a useful tool in the fight against drug abuse among teens, and that efforts towards making teens aware of the risks of marijuana and other drugs should be continued.

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