Volunteer Drug Testing Ready to Start at Olive Hill School

Olive High School is ready to begin their volunteer drug testing program for students, with its “Screen and Clean” project. The project aims to help both parents and their kids by providing drug testing kits that can be used at home.

The funding of the program comes from the FEMA grant given to the community which was hit by floods to aid in their economic development. Yet when a survey was done in Olive Hill which asks citizens as to how to spend the money, many voiced out their concerns on the pain pill epidemic which has affected the youth in the area.

Some comments received say “we can’t recover or grow here without attacking the pain pill epidemic — and let’s start while they’re young.”

In fact, in West Carter High School, just about everyone knows somebody who is into drug addiction. This is why the Champions Against Drugs student organization is doing their share in fighting the epidemic by presenting anti-drugs skits in schools.

The program will provide drug testing kitsto parents who ask for them, and conduct school drug testing on students with both the parents’ and students’ consent. Students and parents are given the option to join the program or not.

“If there’s a party and kids are tempted to do drugs, and the parents might test them when they get home, they’ll think twice,” one student says.

Testing positive at home will have the student tested in a lab again. If it’s still positive, treatment and counseling will be offered to help in their problems. Legal and criminal liabilities are set aside to make way for more effective counseling.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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