Parents Warned on Rise of Teen Heroin Use

School authorities from the Carl Sandburg High School know how important the role of parents is in the fight against teen drug abuse. This is why, in the midst of recent reports that heroin use is up among teens, district administrators sent letters to parents to warn them of the situation and to seek their help and cooperation in keeping kids safe.

heroinDebbie Boniface, principal at Sandburg High, says that teens don’t usually listen to warnings. Enlisting the help of parents is very important in their fight against drug abuse.

“It’s very important for parents, community members and kids to know that the point is not to get someone in trouble, but to get them help and support,” the principal said. “This is about making healthy and appropriate choices, and whatever we can do to ensure that is important.”

The letter, which was sent by Superintendent James Gay, appealed to parents to talk to their kids about drug abuse. Also contained in the letter are useful information sites and which could help parents with the task.

A part of the letter reads:  “…disturbing stories about dangerous and sometimes deadly behavior in which teens in the south suburbs have been engaging. News reports include underage drinking and law enforcement concerns over the increase in availability of drugs, particularly heroin.”

Boniface added that breaks in school can be factor in promoting dangerous habits of students. It possible for kids to take advantage of these periods when nobody in authority is around them. Even during long school breaks, kids often succumb to drug-related activities.

“When kids are away from school for a while, their guard is let down,” she said. “They don’t have to be somewhere the next day, don’t have to get homework done. Sometimes bad things happen.”

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