New Year’s Resolution: Fight Alcohol Addiction!

The year 2012 is here and it’s important to start it right by putting the past behind and face the new year with renewed hope and positivity.

fight alcohol abuseFor those who have long been battling their addiction to alcohol, the American Psychiatric Association offers some useful tips on how to overcome such type of addiction. Getting over an alcohol addiction is never easy, and it could take some time before a person can be completely sober again.

The steps involved in the long-term treatment goals for alcohol abuse are very vital if an individual is serious in having a healthy life. The first treatment step is all about reducing alcohol intake, or if possible, the complete abstinence of alcohol by the addicted person. Once he distances himself with the substance, the better is his chances for recovery.

The next step — dealing with relapses — may prove to be the hardest part. This is why one must be ready for it. The last step is a person’s commitment to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including eating right and having enough exercise to get back in shape.

The steps mentioned are recommended by both doctors and nurses who are constantly helping alcoholics to get better. They may seem very hard at a glance, but they have been proven to be attainable by so many who were once alcohol-addicted but now lives free from the substance.

It is also ideal to seek the help of a personal doctor to be one’s guide in the journey to recovery. Situations may arise when a person in recovery will be thrust in an environment that entails alcohol, or when cravings simply attack, and so it is necessary to plan ahead on how to deal with such conditions.

It is true that quitting is hard, but admitting to having an alcohol problem may prove tougher. A new year’s resolution to quit the habit is a good way to start one’s path to a healthier life.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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